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Our running list of CA Fwd news coverage, alongside selected items on reform in California.

Opinion: For Prop. 2: Save for a rainy day

For decades I’ve seen the dramatic ups and downs of California’s budgets. The “boom and bust” cycles cause overspending, tax increases and painful cuts to schools. Proposition 2 will create a rainy day fund to smooth out the budget roller coasters. Similar to the way Proposition 1 (the water bond) stores water during wet years to reduce the damage of droughts, Prop. 2 stores money during good times to minimize cuts when tax revenues run dry. Read more

Brown signs package of bills to encourage voting

Months after statewide voter turnout hit a historic low of 25% in this year's primary election, Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday signed eight bills aimed at getting more Californians to participate in the political process. Read more

What’s in a word? A lot. Criminologist Michael Maltz defines “recidivism” as “the reversion of an in

What’s in a word? A lot. Criminologist Michael Maltz defines “recidivism” as “the reversion of an individual to criminal behavior after he or she has been convicted of a prior offense, sentenced and (presumably) corrected.” Read more

Drought has 14 communities on the brink of waterlessness

Under the blistering Central Valley sun, Filiberta Sanchez and her toddler granddaughter strolled down a Parkwood sidewalk lined with yellow weeds, dying grass and trees more fit for kindling than shade. "It was very pretty here, very pretty," said Sanchez, 56, as little Jenny crunched a fistful of parched dirt and pine needles she grabbed from the ground. "Now everything's dry." Read more

From transit to access: Three essentials for rethinking how cities connect their residents to opport

Despite the billions of dollars being spent to tackle big challenges such as education, jobs, mobility, health, and housing in cities, we are failing to achieve the desired results, at the needed scale. Read more

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