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Our running list of CA Fwd news coverage, alongside selected items on reform in California.

Property taxes could pay for $25 billion Delta tunnels without public vote

Major water districts in California are quietly considering using property taxes -- and possibly raising them without a vote of the public -- to help fund Gov. Jerry Brown's $25 billion plan to build two massive tunnels through the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. Read more

Chuck Schumer is wrong about the top two primary

In an op-ed in Tuesday’s New York Times, Sen. Charles E. Schumer of New York called for an end to partisan primaries and the implementation of a top-two system nationwide, asserting that such a change would lessen the historic level of polarization between Democrats and Republicans. Read more

Some June write-in candidates made it to the November ballot

The state's relatively new top-two primary election system has helped more than a dozen June write-in candidates earn places on the Nov. 4 ballot -- and without paying filing fees. Read more

Realignment: Progress and challenges

Expectations were high when California rolled out public safety realignment in October 2011; many expressed optimism that the reform would significantly address prison overcrowding and reduce the state’s high recidivism rate. Read more

‘Water cops’ being hired by Bay Area agencies to root out water waste

It's about to get more difficult to go unnoticed if your sprinklers are watering the street more than your lawn. California's worsening drought and mandatory new state water rules are prompting Bay Area water agencies to beef up their conservation staffs -- the employees sometimes called "water cops." Read more

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