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Our running list of CA Fwd news coverage, alongside selected items on reform in California.

‘Living Lab’ for Transit Innovation Opens in Santa Clara, Calif.

The room is a narrow cut of office space that could accommodate roughly 10 desks. Windows border one side; the other is an orange wall that opens to a nearby kitchen. It used to be a conference and lunch area. Read more

California to pay $24 million settlement over state properties

The state of California will pay $24 million to investors to end a legal battle over a proposed deal to sell $2.3 billion in state properties during the height of California’s fiscal crisis. Read more

Whatever road is taken for highway funds, there’s a need for speed

Fuel-efficient cars are great for the air and the planet. But they're lousy for our highways, especially those battery-powered vehicles. Let me remind you why. The more gasoline we buy, the more gas tax we pay. And it's the gas tax that funds road repairs, smoothing the pavement and filling those jarring potholes. Read more

Yes, Says Gavin Newsom: I’m Running for Governor

Not that it was any secret in political circles, but Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom made it official on Wednesday morning: He’s running for governor in 2018. “I make this promise — this won’t be an ordinary campaign,” wrote Newsom on his Facebook page. “But, then again, California has always been an extraordinary place.” Read more

Lawmakers skeptical of Brown’s facility funding plan

Lawmakers on Wednesday expressed skepticism of Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposal to reduce the state's role in building and maintaining schools by pushing the bulk of the financial burden onto local districts and their communities. Read more

Sides square off over climate change proposals by California Democrats

The release of climate change proposals by Senate Democrats on Tuesday quickly spawned a heated debate over the direction of California's economy and the potential effect of new environmental regulations. Read more

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