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Our running list of CA Fwd news coverage, alongside selected items on reform in California.

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Building a User-Centric California Government through Demand-Driven Open Data

When the California HealthCare Foundation launched the California Health Data Project at the Health and Human Services DataFest in March this year, my fellow Sacramento Health Data Ambassador, Joel Riphagen, and I were still in the early stages of brainstorming ways to connect our local health community with the California Health and Human Services Agency’s open data efforts. Read more

Oracle wants to put a charter high school on its campus

A high school could find its way onto Oracle Corp.’s campus. Design Tech High School was established in 2014, operating out of Mills High School in Millbrae. Read more

Walters: Pushing for voter input on big issues is brilliant strategy

It’s no secret that the Legislature’s dominant Democrats want to make it more difficult to place initiative measures on the statewide ballot. Read more

Building a tool to define ‘adequately-funded’ education

California’s second-largest school district is almost ready to answer a question that has prompted legal challenges across the nation: How much money translates to an adequately-funded student education? Read more

LA’s transportation agency gets into housing with new development policy

The Los Angeles County Transportation Authority has adopted a new policy to encourage affordable housing on its properties. Read more

California Supreme Court won’t budge on water rates

In a setback to California water regulators’ conservation efforts, the state Supreme Court has kept intact a ruling that makes it harder for municipalities to impose tiered pricing to discourage heavy water use. Read more

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