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Our running list of CA Fwd news coverage, alongside selected items on reform in California.

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Activists look to courts to weaken grip of California teachers union

Thwarted at the Capitol – and on the ballot – a coalition of advocates working to overhaul the state’s low-ranking public schools increasingly have turned to the courts in search of more favorable outcomes. Read more

Reserve cap compromise doesn’t appease schools

A legislative compromise on last summer’s controversial school reserves cap has so far failed to appease a broad coalition of school officials even as the proposal gains favor inside the Capitol. Read more

Not enough money for highway repairs, Brown’s budget acknowledges

There simply isn't enough money to adequately maintain California's crumbling highways and bridges, Gov. Jerry Brown's revised budget proposal acknowledges. Read more

Revised California budget plan helps schools and the poor

A growing economy is fueling an expansive plan by Gov. Jerry Brown to provide billions more dollars for schools and a tax break for poor families, even as he accelerates spending to battle the ongoing drought. Read more

New funding for drought relief, water projects in Jerry Brown’s revised state budget

Much of the focus on Gov. Jerry Brown's revised May budget was on schools. But the drought also was a key area of increased spending. Read more

California special interests spent $48.5 million to lobby in first quarter

Local governments, businesses, unions and other special interests reported spending more than $48.5 million on direct state lobbying expenses from January through March, according to first-quarter reports filed earlier this month. Read more

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