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Our running list of CA Fwd news coverage, alongside selected items on reform in California.

Kevin de León becomes state Senate leader in $50,000 event

In an elaborate event at Walt Disney Concert Hall featuring mariachis, a Korean drum circle and a student color guard, Democrat Kevin de León was sworn in Wednesday as leader of the state Senate — the first Latino to hold the post since 1883. Read more

California AG Kamala Harris weighs into ‘recidivism’ debate

Attorney General Kamala Harris has weighed into a debate among politicians and law enforcement officials with her own proposal about measuring “recidivism” – re-offending by those who’ve already been through the criminal justice system. Read more

Parking, local opposition add to affordable housing costs, study finds

Community opposition, design changes and parking are among the factors driving up the cost of building affordable housing in California, according to a report released this week by several state housing agencies. Read more

Amid drought, mayor directs L.A. to cut water use 20% by 2017

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti issued an executive directive on Tuesday requiring Los Angeles to reduce its fresh water use 20% by 2017 as a response to the prolonged drought. Garcetti also asked L.A. departments to dramatically cut the amount of water used by replacing lawns and other city landscaping, including street medians, with less thirsty plants. Read more

The Primaries Project: Blanket primaries have yet to deliver

Proponents of the open primary system argue it reduces political polarization and could end the gridlock that plagues our current politics. When California implemented their current version of the “top two” system just two years ago, blanket primary advocates cheered “California’s rebellion against party-centric politics” and argued the system would end polarization and ameliorate bitter partisanship. Read more

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