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Our running list of CA Fwd news coverage, alongside selected items on reform in California.

Do Local Realignment Policies Affect Recidivism in California?

In the aftermath of California’s corrections realignment, recidivism patterns did not change dramatically among offenders released from state prison to county supervision. Read more

Jerry Brown blasts CalPERS board for authorizing pay enhancement for pension purposes

A divided CalPERS board approved a regulation Wednesday that will allow nearly 100 different types of supplemental pay to count toward pension calculations for state and local government employees. Read more

California water rights: Huge gap between what’s promised, what’s available

California over the last century has issued water rights that amount to roughly five times the state’s average annual runoff, according to new research that underscores a chronic imbalance between supply and demand. Read more

Dan Walters: Prison population drops, but local jails become overcrowded

Under heavy pressure from federal courts to relieve prison overcrowding, but unwilling – for political reasons – to directly release inmates, Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature devised realignment. Read more

California business tax breaks would have to prove effectiveness

Tax credits aimed at persuading businesses to locate in California would be subject to detailed performance reviews to make sure they are boosting the state's economy under a bill passed on Tuesday by the Legislature. Read more

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