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Our running list of CA Fwd news coverage, alongside selected items on reform in California.

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Political Fate of California Teachers Association Now Rests With High Court

For a union that has defeated almost every challenger on the playing field of state politics for more than two decades, the California Teachers Association’s most powerful opponent may turn out to be what Justice Antonin Scalia recently described as “a committee of nine unelected lawyers.” Read more

California GOP benefits from redistricting decision as bigger case looms

Like so many political events, the U.S. Supreme Court decision on Monday that upheld the right of independent citizen commissions to draw district lines inspired a different reaction in California than elsewhere in the nation. Read more

Often starved for attention, Republicans leap into debate over road repairs

It's unusual for Republicans to wield much influence in California's Capitol, but the brewing debate over funding road repairs is an exception. Read more

Who Foots the Bill for Mail Voting in California?

The state had reimbursed counties for costs related to absentee voting for more than a decade, but during a round of steep budget cuts in 2011, Governor Jerry Brown (D) and the state Legislature suspended funding for several election programs, including the more than $60 million related to mail voting. Read more

New rules try to spotlight hidden retirement debt

An accounting board best known for requiring the calculation and reporting of the debt owed for retiree health care promised government workers, which often turned out to be shockingly large, is having another moment. Read more

Supreme Court upholds power of independent commissions to draw districts

The Supreme Court on Monday upheld the kind of independent redistricting commissions used in Arizona and California to prevent partisan gerrymandering. Read more

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