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Our running list of CA Fwd news coverage, alongside selected items on reform in California.

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LA’s transportation agency gets into housing with new development policy

The Los Angeles County Transportation Authority has adopted a new policy to encourage affordable housing on its properties. Read more

California Supreme Court won’t budge on water rates

In a setback to California water regulators’ conservation efforts, the state Supreme Court has kept intact a ruling that makes it harder for municipalities to impose tiered pricing to discourage heavy water use. Read more

Voters: Many just can’t be bothered

We Californians justifiably become excited about our many remarkable achievements: we make terrific movies; Silicon Valley leads the planet in technological innovation; our traffic jams are world class. Read more

Workforce training a big jumble

The ETP spends about $70 million a year, supposedly training and retraining workers to make them more employable in a fast-changing economy. Read more

California can’t stop global warming alone, but it can fix its highways

The governor is in Europe saving the planet. The Legislature is on a monthlong vacation. And we motorists keep getting our cars beat up on California highways. Read more

California drought: High court hands setback to water conservation fight

Rejecting the pleas of California officials worried about water conservation, the state Supreme Court on Wednesday left intact a lower court ruling that makes it tougher for cities and water districts to impose punishing higher rates on water wasters. Read more

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