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Our running list of CA Fwd news coverage, alongside selected items on reform in California.

California Assembly members push to speed up water storage construction

Both AB 311 and AB 641, a similar bill announced Thursday to speed up the environmental review process for housing projects, target the California Environmental Quality Act, a state statute that requires the environmental impacts of a project be studied. Read more

Bill to tighten public officials’ financial disclosures passes first hurdle

A bill that would force California's public officials to reveal more about their wealth, property and business interests easily passed its first legislative hurdle Wednesday. The Assembly Elections and Redistricting Committee voted 5-0 to pass AB 10, which would tighten up the disclosure requirements for the "Form 700" economic-interest reports officials must file each year. Read more

For California’s Powerful, Following the Law Often Means Writing It Yourself

Ask Assemblyman Ken Cooley who wrote the bill he’s carrying to make business-friendly changes to California’s landmark climate change law, and he’ll be the first to tell you: It wasn’t him. Read more

Report: New tax on services could boost state revenue by nearly 50%

On the heels of a bill to impose new taxes on professional services, the California Board of Equalization estimates that such a law would generate some $123 billion for the state, with revenue roughly split between state and local government. Read more

Fighting California drought, cities start with carrot, then turn to stick

Determined to erase its spotty water conservation record, the wealthy coastal community of Newport Beach is among the cities preparing to crack down on water guzzlers and wasters in response to California’s worsening drought. Read more

Improving Public Services: The Secrets of Award-Winning Cities

Local governments, their citizens and community interest groups all want better service delivery, and more than ever are looking to technology to make that happen. Read more

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