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Our running list of CA Fwd news coverage, alongside selected items on reform in California.

No easy answers on “career readiness”

The “career” piece of “college and career readiness” continues to challenge the state advisory committee that is charged with reworking the primary measure of school effectiveness in California. Read more

63 trillion gallons of groundwater lost in drought, study finds

The ongoing drought in the western United States has caused so much loss of groundwater that the Earth, on average, has lifted up about 0.16 inches over the last 18 months, according to a new study. Read more

Jerry Brown gets bill to OK local fees for bicycle facilities

Californians could vote to tax themselves to build bike paths, bike parking and other bicycle facilities under a bill heading to Gov. Jerry Brown. Senate Bill 1183 would allow cities, counties and regional parks districts to put a measure on their local ballots asking voters to approve an annual fee of up to $5 that would be added to their vehicle registration fees and go toward building or rehabilitating bicycle infrastructure. Read more

Some California community colleges could soon start offering 4-year degrees

A small number of California's two-year colleges will start offering four-year degrees if the governor signs a bill that cleared the state Legislature Thursday. As soon as next year, 15 community colleges could launch bachelor's degree programs -- one per school -- that aren't readily available at nearby public universities. The state chancellor's office has not announced which districts will participate. Read more

Assembly passes constitutional amendment to suspend lawmaker pay

The Assembly on Wednesday deferred for two years the public’s vote on a constitutional amendment empowering lawmakers to strip wayward colleagues of their salaries. Read more

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