The Details

No Labels' Meeting to Make America Work

On January 14, No Labels will bring together over a thousand citizens, thought leaders and elected officials from across the country to talk about solving America's big problems.

Theyre calling it the Meeting to Make America Work, because we need our leaders to put practical problem-solving ahead of scoring political points now more than ever.

They want you to be there. At the meeting, they'll unveil two big national leaders one Republican and one Democrat who will help lead the No Labels movement in 2013 and introduce a group of members of Congress who have signed on to the problem solvers bloc in congress, and so much more. 

For more information and to register, CLICK HERE!

This event is not hosted by California Forward, but by others who work toward making government more transparent and accountable for results.  By posting this event, we're helping to promote their great work.

Host: No Labels
Lincoln Center (New York, NY)
70 Lincoln Center Plaza
New York, NY 10023