Caitlin Maple

Caitlin Maple is a Project Manager for California Forward, and director of the 50 State Solution project. Her focus is on elections, campaign finance, effective governance and transparency. 

After graduating from the University of California, Davis with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Caitlin began working in the Legislature and developed an understanding of the legislative process in the state's Capitol. She then transitioned into a role lead for California Forward's Election Funding Project. This yearlong project assessed how elections are funded in other states, as well as in California's 58 counties, and recommended more equitable and sustainable financing solutions for the state to consider. Caitlin has presented this research at conferences and before legislative committees. In addition to managing projects and conducting research, she is also responsible for writing media content, and briefing organizations, policy makers, and other stakeholders on CA Fwd's public accountability work.

Caitlin also serves as a gubernatorial appointee to the 52nd District Agricultural Association, County Board of Directors, steering committee member for the University of California Center, Sacramento, Vice President of the Fem Dems of Sacramento and board member of the Midtown Neighborhood Association.