Handbook for Community Solutions

This Handbook walks you through the fundamentals that must be executed to successfully complete and implement a collaboration to support your community planning effort. here, you will find best practices for any sized collaboration effort— collaborations within a single community, collaborations involving a few agencies, or huge ones—distilled into an easy-to-read and easy-to-use reference document.

The purpose of the handbook is to serve as a usable reference to assist californians in creating successful community strategic planning efforts.

The handbook includes advice for you on:

  • Inviting others to the table and carefully planning your meetings
  • Deciding on actions to take
  • Measuring success
  • Collecting and applying data to help evaluate the success of your effort creating a comprehensive Strategic Community Action Plan
  • Learning from mistakes along the way
  • Finding funding for your project
  • Understanding the terminology in the field

The Handbook is informed by the work of many collaborations and efforts, from anecdotes shared with us by diverse practitioners of collaborative planning to scholarly articles, books and toolkits. throughout the text, you will find first-hand narratives of actual examples, contributed by respected practitioners in our state. information about, and hyperlinks to, a rich assortment of articles and books that we used as sources are available in the resources and references section.

This Handbook is a work in progress, by no means set in stone. We hope that the handbook is useful to you and your efforts, and we welcome your recommendations for changes or additions at any time. 

Share your recommendations for changes or additions with us at any time by sending an e-mail to at info@cafwd.org.

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Handbook for Community Solutions