Mission and Focus of the Transparency Portal:

With a focus on California cities, counties, municipalities, school and special districts the project will: “Identify and promote best practices in the communication of government activity in California to support transparency and accountability and encourage continuous improvement in governance models.”

The Transparency Portal is a research and communications initiative that:

  • Identifies and promotes best practices in communicating government data and decision-making to the public.
  • Provides results-based information, critical updates and analysis for voters and California residents to access and understand key data and the local decision-making process.
  • Through research, writing and consultation with key advisors, help to establish aspirational standards for local government.
  • The Transparency Portal will integrate public data on budgeting and key governmental outcomes, offer engaging and contextual portrays of these data points, as well as identify and highlight best practices in these efforts across California. Ultimately, the project is designed to promote best practices and raise the bar for transparency in government budgeting and decision making.

Why a Transparency Portal? What Issues are we examining, and how? Learn more about those and other items here.