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PCE Forum Reviewing Split Sentencing: Results are in

On Friday, June 21, 2013, the Partnership for Community Excellence (PCE) held a forum: Opportunities & Challenges in the Use of Split Sentencing in California. A diverse group of experts presented information and perspectives about this topic. Read more »

California Crime Victims' Voices

The findings from the First-Ever Survey of California crime victims and survivors. Read more »

Realignment and the Affordable Care Act Provide Opportunities

PCE supports counties in increasing safety and reducing costs. Read more »

New Parole Revocation Process Facts and Recommendations

PCE provides an overview and resources for counties' new responsibility. Read more »

Realignment News

02/20/2014 by Christopher Nelson

Contra Costa County shines bright as example of AB 109 success

A culture of mutual respect exists between probation, sheriff, the district attorney and public defender without which Contra Costa would not be able to achieve the astounding statistical success it has seen since 2010 Read more

02/03/2014 by Christopher Nelson

An actor’s death sheds light on the need for evidence based addiction treatment

Any time someone dies from a drug overdose, it is a tragedy. Not just because of the loss of human life, but because it was most likely preventable given the right approach to treating drug addiction. Read more

01/15/2014 by Christopher Nelson

Gov.‘s budget proposal puts money toward better public safety outcomes

If the spirit and letter of this budget on the public safety front remain intact after the Legislative gauntlet, we see big gains ahead on all fronts. Read more

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