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Survey Results: California Crime Victims’ Voices

June 2013 by Californian's for Safety and Justice | permalink

The findings from the first-ever survey of California crime victims and survivors.

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Can Forgiveness Play a Role in Criminal Justice?

January 4, 2013 by New Yorks Times Magazine | permalink

This is a news article about the restorative justice approach used in a case involving the murder of a young woman by her boyfriend.  It discusses how restorative justice was used as a way to determine how the young man could make amends and pay for his crime while bringing some measure of peace to the family.   The goal of restorative justice is the creation of safe, healthy communities. Safe and healthy communities can arise when there are opportunities for victims to have their needs addressed and when people who harm are integrated into the community as positive, contributing citizens. The attention restorative justice has received speaks volumes to its importance as a powerful tool for improving outcomes.

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DOJ Crafts New ‘Vision’ for Helping Crime Victims

September 19 , 2012 by The Crime Report | permalink

The U.S. Justice Department is preparing to launch a nationwide program to improve services for crime victims. "Our goal is pretty simple but far-reaching: we want to re-frame the role of victim services in the 21st century," Acting Assistant Attorney General Mary Lou Leary told the National Center for Victims of Crime at its annual convention in New Orleans. Justice Department officials have been meeting for two years with crime-victim advocates around the nation to plan the "Vision 21" initiative.

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Office of Justice Programs, Office for Crime Victims

by U.S. Department of Justice | permalink

This website includes Information and resources regarding crime victims in the following categores:  crime victims, providers, grants and funding, library multi-media, crime vicitims rights, public awareness, and news.

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New Directions from the Field: Victim’s Rights and Services for the 21st Century [PDF]

1998 by U.S. Department of Justice | permalink

New Directions from the Field:Victims’ Rights and Services for the 21st Century—is a comprehensive report and set of recommendations on victims’ rights and services from and concerning virtually every community involved with crime victims across the nation.The report is the result of more than three years’work by more than 1,000 individuals in different professions. It examines how victims’ rights and services have been realized since the 1982 Final Report of the President’s Task Force and recommends what we as a society should strive to achieve for victims as we enter the 21st century.While the recommendations may not reflect all of the individual contributors’ views, the contributors agree that all of the recommendations are worthy of discussion and consideration.

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New Directions from the Field: Victim’s Rights and Services for the 21st Century [Video]

1998 by U.S. Department of Justice | permalink

The New Directions videotape highlights key recommendations and promising practices cited throughout New Directions from the Field: Victims' Rights and Services for the 21st Century. The 18-minute videotape has five key segments that correspond to the five global challenges presented in New Directions.

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The Report of the Re-Entry Policy Council

January 2005 by The Council of State Government | permalink

The Report of the Re-Entry Policy Council, which was authored by the Council of State Governments and ten project partners, reflects the results of a series of meetings among 100 of the most respected workforce, health, housing, public safety, family, community, and victim experts in the country. [Report Preview]

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New Hope for Victims of Crime

July 9, 2013 by The Crime Report | permalink

Thanks to several great U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) annual studies, we know a lot about crime. But what do we know about crime victims? Until we have clear answers to these questions—says a new report from DOJ’s Office for Victims of Crime (OVC), we can’t give our nation’s crime victims the support they need.

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Video: Survivors Want Focus on Healing, Prevention Over Prisons

May 20 ,2013 by Survivors for Safety and Justice | permalink

Survivors for Safety and Justice showcases their work by partnering with Brave New Films' “Beyond Bars” project to create this inspiring video. Survivors for Safety and Justice is a network of crime victims with Californians for Safety and Justice, focused on helping survivors of crime (and communities) recover, heal and prevent crime.

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Victims not keen on long prison terms

June 7, 2013 by The San Francisco Chronicle | permalink

A survey that a crime victims' group described as the first of its kind in California yielded some findings contrary to conventional wisdom Thursday: Most victims question the benefits of imprisoning more criminals and prefer rehabilitation, education and Gov. Jerry Brown's realignment program.

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Survey: 20 percent of Californians have been a crime victim in the last 5 years

June 6, 2013 by 89.3KPCC | permalink

The criminal justice policy advocacy group Californians for Justice and Safety commissioned a survey, which was conducted by the data firm David Binder Research. The survey shows that victims have different views about judicial policy and want more prevention and treatment for criminals.

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California Crime Victims’ Voices: Findings from the First-Ever Survey of California Crime Victims

June 2013 by Californians for Safety and Justice | permalink

This report describes the findings of this survey and points to opportunities for further research and reforms to improve victim recovery. Among the findings, it may be surprising to some that California victims - even when profoundly impacted by their experience with crime - overwhelmingly favor a system that focuses on rehabilitation rather than incarceration.

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Voices From the Field: California Victims’ Rights in a Post-Realignment World

April 2013 by The Federal Sentencing Reporter | permalink

On October 2, 2011, Assembly Bill 109, the 2011 Public Safety Realignment, went into effect and comprehensively changed the way California manages its criminal justice system.  AB 109 shifted the primary responsibility for managing non-serious, non-sexual, non-violent offenses to the counties, meaning that thousands of offenders are now serving their time in county jail rather than state prison. Nearly every county and state level criminal justice agency was involved in the design and implementation of Realignment, in order to ensure that every need was met.  Victims, however, were not at the table.

This article attempts to bring victim service providers back into the conversation surrounding Realignment.  We conducted interviews with victim service providers on the ground to find out how Realignment has affected their jobs, and we got two resounding answers.  First, Realignment has muddled the collection of restitution.  It’s unclear who is responsible for collecting the money when, and many jails do not have the infrastructure required to collect from individuals it has incarcerated.  Second, the victim notification required under Marsy’s Law is not being provided, again because of confusion about responsibilities and a lack of the necessary infrastructure.

We present a series of suggestions put forth by our interviewees to bring Realignment into compliance with the requirements of Marsy’s Law.  In the end, these suggestions boil down to two basic recommendations: 1) victim service providers should be granted a voting seat on the Community Corrections Partnership in every county, and 2) the legislature needs to clarify which county actor is responsible for the implementation of which victim services in a post-Realignment world.

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Millions meant for California crime victims goes unpaid

May 22, 2013 by ABC 7 | permalink

If you've been a victim of a crime, the state of California might be looking for you. It may have some of your money. A lack of communication is causing a delay in victim restitution.

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California corrections office helps victims navigate parole hearings and release of perpetrators

April 22, 2013 by Southern California Public Radio | permalink

California's Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s main job is to keep criminals behind bars. But at some point, most of those inmates are released. The agency’s Office of Victim and Survivor Rights and Services informs victims before that happens. To highlight that work, California prison officials are holding a ceremony Monday morning in honor of Victims Rights Week.

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Hidden crime victims: The families of those imprisoned

April 23, 2013 by The Capitol Weekly | permalink

In the midst of National Crime Victims Week, the public is rightfully reminded of the toll crime takes on our communities and families.  But what is often overlooked in these observances are the hidden victims -- the families of those convicted of crimes.

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Making Restitution Real: Five Case Studies on Improving Restitution Collection

2011 by National Center for Victims of Crime | permalink

Lessons learned in the collection of restitution by five programs are explained. “From statewide, multi-year initiatives to vigorous local programs, it is [the authors’] hope that these examples will inspire advocates and officials around the country to reexamine their own policies and programs and renew their commitment to improving the lives of crime victims through the collection of restitution

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Making Restitution Real Toolkit

2011 by National Center for Victims of Crime | permalink

This toolkit was developed as part of a project to improve the collection of crime victim restitution by capturing the knowledge and experience of those on the front lines.” It is an ingenious way to explain the restitution process and would be a great resource for other agencies to utilize in their own efforts to make their restitution strategies work effectively. The Restitution Toolkit contains resources and links to information regarding: setting the framework; promoting early payment; making payment plans work; what happens after default; special circumstance; self-help for victims; tools and resources; and about the toolkit.

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