California Forward (CA Fwd) is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 that advocates for shared prosperity across all of the state’s regions and for improved government performance and accountability.

CA Fwd is currently partnered with the Governor Newsom Administration on its Regions Rise Together initiative for building a plan for inclusive, sustainable growth across California.

The organization hosts the California Economic Summit, a year round bipartisan effort fueled by business, equity, environmental, and civic leaders from across the state's diverse regions. This robust network concentrates on ensuring that all Californians have access to the building blocks of the California dream, including economic opportunity, stable housing, quality jobs and a healthy environment.

In 2019, CA Fwd merged with the California Stewardship Network, a group of leaders of regional community and economic development organizations with a triple bottom line orientation. The result is a greatly strengthened organization that possesses a deeper footprint in all corners of the state to identify and promote public policy to benefit all Californians. This civic infrastructure will improve effectiveness in expanding the economic, environment and social wellbeing of our regions.