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California’s Top Two Primary is on the Voters’ Side

Election reform working as intended, favoring coalition-seeking candidates Read More

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New report outlines recommendations for transparency in who pays for political ads

Online campaigns have changed rapidly, but rules to let voters know who is paying have not. Read More

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VIDEO: California entrepreneur works to shine light on money in politics

CA Fwd talks to Jim Heerwagen, citizen champion of transparency and campaign finance reform Read More

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VIDEO: James Fallows on America’s split image of itself

Touring country by small plane, author finds many hold grim view of nation but are optimistic about their community Read More

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VIDEO: FEC’s Ann Ravel decries dysfunction and gridlock in federal government

CA Fwd talks future of political reform with political watchdog commissioner who submitted resignation this week Read More

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VIDEO: Panetta urges reforms in California to continue

Former Defense Secretary gives rousing speech on the state of national politics and the need for California to be a model of reform.  Read More

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CA Fwd rallies political reformers from across the US around nationwide agenda for change

Amid highly polarized national politics, reform groups seek path forward at state and local level Read More

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A New Declaration needed to bridge gap between government and the people

Duf Sundheim: Goal of a government For The People remains but the way decisions are made needs a new approach Read More

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Data on money in politics provide essential infrastructure for a 50 State Solution

Hard facts about political campaign spending are critical to judging how well reforms are working Read More

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Can this presidential election actually energize political reform?

With a highly polarized political environment nationally, the time is right for reform to break gridlock at the state level. Read More

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Vision for more inclusive, responsive democracy remains a Common Cause

Partner in the 50 State Solution project works to limit influence of money in politics, expand and secure voting access. Read More

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California Forward launches 50 State Solution political reform project

Project will capture and link state-based reform work from around the country being done to break partisan gridlock Read More

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Looking outside California for election reforms that improve turnout and save money

How reforms based in technology, innovation and practicality impact elections and the bottom line Read More

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How the Top Two primary is changing California

Observers of California politics reflect on the electoral reform, which resulted in 23 state races with candidates from the same party facing off in November.  Read More

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