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CA State Controller: Always more work to be done in the name of transparency

As California State Controller, my job hinges on having access to the numbers that help me to tell the stories about what direction our State, communities, schools and businesses are heading. Read More

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Q&A: Assemblymember Scott Wilk on redistricting, Capitol culture

Q&A with Assemblymember Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita) is another first term member of the California Legislature who took the time to answer some of our questions Read More

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Q&A: Assemblymember Kevin Mullin on reform, future of CA politics

Assm. Mullin (D-San Mateo) talks about culture in the Capitol as one of the newer members of the State Legislature Read More

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What is holding up California ethics reform?

After months of scandal, ethics bills have mixed results despite the need to restore public trust in government. Read More

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Several bills aim to improve transparency and confidence in CA elections

Three of the bills (844, 52, and 1442) are specifically aimed at campaign disclosure, while SB 1253 will require that more information shall be given to voters on initiatives Read More

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Where does California’s reboot of outdated disclosure systems stand?

There's a big opportunity for tech to increase transparency, boost efficiency and help restore public trust. Read More

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Progress report on California’s efforts to restore trust in government

While the legislature has taken some positive steps after three senators were indicted, CA Fwd pointedly challenged the lawmakers to do more. Where the effort stands today: Read More

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CA Fwd and others call on Sacramento to modernize California’s disclosure systems

This week a broad coalition consisting of good government groups, newspaper publishers, and lobbyists came together for one goal: fix Cal-Access and put Form 700s online Read More

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How to find out what your elected officials are being paid

With Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg recently moving to revoke pay and benefits for suspended Legislature members, it was worth asking: Just how much are these guys making anyways? Read More

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California Secretary of State candidates on modernizing Cal-Access

We asked the seven candidates for California Secretary of State to tell us how and when they would modernize Cal-Access, the state's outdated campaign finance and lobbying database Read More

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VIDEO: Panetta comments on balancing money’s role in politics

When California Forward conducted a recent survey on our ideas to restore trust in government, it asked an open ended question: What else do you feel is necessary for achieving this goal? Read More

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Results are in: Surveyed Californians eager for a Path Toward Trust

California Forward will often ask folks what they think on certain issues, but never have we gotten such an overwhelming response, however, than when we sent a simple survey asking people to give us feedback on our Path Toward Trust Read More

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California special session called for Rainy Day Fund

“We simply must prevent the massive deficits of the last decade and we can only do that by paying down our debts and creating a solid Rainy Day Fund,” said Gov. Brown.  Read More

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CA Fwd releases report on how to build stronger budget reserve

With the governor’s actions dramatically increasing the likelihood of action this year, CA Fwd’s report offers a primer on why the rainy day fund has become such a pressing issue for state government. Read More

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VIDEO: Leon Panetta’s recipe for good governance is to remember who you work for

In this first video of a series, Panetta drew on his early days in public service when asked about how state legislators should be serving their constituents. Panetta's own political life reflects the importance of bi-partisanship in doing the "people's work,” be it in Sacramento or in Washington D.C.  Read More

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Californians respond to CA Fwd’s Path Toward Trust

We received a litany of responses to our Path Toward Trust plan, and the insights represent a true, thoughtful take on what Californians need to restore faith in their government.  Read More

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College graduate deficit slated to get worse says CED report

The report spells out a far less golden future for the Golden State should results not improve in California’s colleges. But it’s a problem that California has the tools to address. Read More

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Inaugural Summit on Data stresses importance of open data for California

California Forward convened an impressive list of those who care about data most in the Golden State to share thoughts and ideas on the many facets of open data and why it’s more important now than ever. This was the inaugural Summit on Data. Read More

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California Forward’s statement on the arrest of Senator Leland Yee

Earlier today, California State Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) was arrested on charges of political corruption and bribery tied to a larger sting underway by the FBI. This marks the third (of just 40) sitting California State Senators to face legal troubles in the past year. Read More

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How to build a winning water bond

Now that spring is officially here, it is beginning to feel like summer in Sacramento, and it won’t be long before lawmakers will need to vote on what – if anything – will be on the November ballot.  Read More

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