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California special session called for Rainy Day Fund

“We simply must prevent the massive deficits of the last decade and we can only do that by paying down our debts and creating a solid Rainy Day Fund,” said Gov. Brown.  Read More

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CA Fwd releases report on how to build stronger budget reserve

With the governor’s actions dramatically increasing the likelihood of action this year, CA Fwd’s report offers a primer on why the rainy day fund has become such a pressing issue for state government. Read More

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VIDEO: Leon Panetta’s recipe for good governance is to remember who you work for

In this first video of a series, Panetta drew on his early days in public service when asked about how state legislators should be serving their constituents. Panetta's own political life reflects the importance of bi-partisanship in doing the "people's work,” be it in Sacramento or in Washington D.C.  Read More

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Californians respond to CA Fwd’s Path Toward Trust

We received a litany of responses to our Path Toward Trust plan, and the insights represent a true, thoughtful take on what Californians need to restore faith in their government.  Read More

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College graduate deficit slated to get worse says CED report

The report spells out a far less golden future for the Golden State should results not improve in California’s colleges. But it’s a problem that California has the tools to address. Read More

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Inaugural Summit on Data stresses importance of open data for California

California Forward convened an impressive list of those who care about data most in the Golden State to share thoughts and ideas on the many facets of open data and why it’s more important now than ever. This was the inaugural Summit on Data. Read More

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California Forward’s statement on the arrest of Senator Leland Yee

Earlier today, California State Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) was arrested on charges of political corruption and bribery tied to a larger sting underway by the FBI. This marks the third (of just 40) sitting California State Senators to face legal troubles in the past year. Read More

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How to build a winning water bond

Now that spring is officially here, it is beginning to feel like summer in Sacramento, and it won’t be long before lawmakers will need to vote on what – if anything – will be on the November ballot.  Read More

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Californians grade the state with new report card app

A team from the CITRIS Data and Democracy Initiative at UC Berkeley and staff from Lt. Governor Newsom’s office created the first ever report card as a pilot project. Read More

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San Jose invites citizen input on prioritizing city services

From street repairs, fire and police department staffing and response times, funding for community centers, public library hours, as well as potential bond or tax measures that could increase resources needed for critical services—topics, for residents to rank, are plenty. Read More

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Ventura Police Department reaps benefits of crime fighting technology

It’s a brand new year and the Ventura Police Department is kicking it off with a brand new crime fighting tool to boost response times  Read More

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Fresno County Supervisor gives surprise pay raise back to county

Fresno County Supervisors’ pay checks are tied to Superior Court Judges. So, if a decision is made, in Sacramento, to give those judges a bump in pay, it happens automatically for those on the local county level. Read More

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New tool provides access to key data for special districts

Working in partnership, California Forward (CA Fwd) and the California Special Districts Association (CSDA), have launched a new tool for accessing key financial data on the state’s nearly 2,000 special districts  Read More

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Desert Hot Springs declares state of fiscal emergency

If money matters in the city of Desert Hot Springs, of Riverside County, don’t improve, the city will have to file for bankruptcy. Again. Read More

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Covered California failing to comply with National Voter Registration Act

Under the federal law, more commonly known as the “Motor Voter” act, government agencies providing public assistance are required to offer individuals opportunities to register to vote. That means all Californians applying for health coverage through the state exchange should simultaneously be offered the opportunity to register to vote.  Read More

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Fixing DC: California’s innovations can help

With strong citizen engagement, civic leadership and belief in the possibility of change, these reforms can shift partisan politics throughout the nation as well. Good governance matters, citizens deserve and should demand it. Read More

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A conversation with Connie Rice on mass incarceration

Rice recently sat down with California Forward to discuss the award as well as her perspective on violence prevention and mass incarceration. Read More

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Sen. Emmerson’s abrupt resignation brings familiar California issues to light

Republican State Senator Bill Emmerson of the 23rd district, who just a few hours prior was a panelist at the second annual California Economic Summit, submitted a brief letter of resignation to Senate President Pro-Tem Darrell Steinberg last Friday afternoon. Read More

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Riverside County takes a big step towards transparency with amended campaign finance rules

In Riverside County, candidates can no longer hide behind closed doors. Thanks to a big push by Supervisor Kevin Jeffries, those running for office will now have to publicly disclose all contributions more than $1,000 via the Internet. Read More

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Criticism of new school funding law misses the mark

Like all things that sound hunky dory, the law has drawn increasing caution, concern, and criticism, highlighted last week by a piece by EdSource’s Louis Freedberg on the potential weaknesses in the new school funding law. But some parts of his argument lack clarity in a manner that merits a response. Read More

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