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Reader Poll: Spend or save surplus funds?

During good economic times, state revenues grow. How should California use a state budget surplus? Read More

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Reform success shows California governable and no longer broken

The effects of elections and budget reform can't be ignored but there's also more work to be done to improve government and the economy here. Read More

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CA Fwd on bipartisan rainy day fund legislation: “Meaningful” solution for “significant” problem

In testimony before the Senate and Assembly budget committees today, CA Fwd reiterated how important it is to manage spikes to end the cycle of boom-and-bust budgeting that has crippled the state’s fiscal system over the last decade—and caused billions in cuts to state programs. Read More

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CA Fwd supports new Rainy Day Fund framework, highlights two ways to strengthen proposal

Governor to speak at special session of Legislature on fund that would capture funds during booms to be used in down times. Here's how the reform can be improved.  Read More

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VIDEO: California Rainy Day Fund—an idea whose time has come

The California Legislature has convened the special session called by Governor Brown to consider a revised Rainy Day Fund. The action signals the beginning of what many believe is a long overdue public discussion. Read More

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Rainy Day Fund: Other states’ volatility is California’s lesson to learn

We’re in an upswing now. But we saw what happened last decade when everything was decidedly not hunky dory. Safety net services are the first to go, but the hole that this state had dug itself was so deep that cuts were made seemingly everywhere to get back in the black. Read More

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California special session called for Rainy Day Fund

“We simply must prevent the massive deficits of the last decade and we can only do that by paying down our debts and creating a solid Rainy Day Fund,” said Gov. Brown.  Read More

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CA Fwd releases report on how to build stronger budget reserve

With the governor’s actions dramatically increasing the likelihood of action this year, CA Fwd’s report offers a primer on why the rainy day fund has become such a pressing issue for state government. Read More

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California Forward’s written testimony on the Rainy Day Fund

Much of California’s recent fiscal instability has been aggravated by short-term decisions that led to boom-and-bust budgeting. Read More

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Why the governor’s budget makes California Economic Summit even more important

The Governor’s proposed budget is one of the few times every year voters can find out exactly the plan is for billions in new surpluses and how to keep the economic recovery churning Read More

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Desert Hot Springs declares state of fiscal emergency

If money matters in the city of Desert Hot Springs, of Riverside County, don’t improve, the city will have to file for bankruptcy. Again. Read More

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California’s surplus must be used wisely

Not only does focusing on outcomes create an atmosphere that reinforces the effective use of public funds, but it also helps to regain the trust of voters. Read More

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Criticism of new school funding law misses the mark

Like all things that sound hunky dory, the law has drawn increasing caution, concern, and criticism, highlighted last week by a piece by EdSource’s Louis Freedberg on the potential weaknesses in the new school funding law. But some parts of his argument lack clarity in a manner that merits a response. Read More

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126 local governments called out by state controller for not filing financial books

Apparently some lessons are only learned the hard way as Bell and Stockton both showed up on a less-than-illustrious list recently. Read More

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A conversation on LCFF with Teri Burns of the California School Board Association

Teri updates California Forward on the progress of the implementation of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), the new way of funding California's schools by allowing for more control by districts over how they spend their funds.  Read More

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VIDEO: One on One with Los Angeles City Controller Ron Galperin

At least one person, in city hall, vows to make some changes that will allow local government to work more efficiently while bringing the data closer to its residents.  Read More

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Who should pay for California’s elections?

The money that counties are missing out on is far from chump change. The state hasn’t allocated funds to counties to keep up with their mandates since 2009, when they paid $30 million total to 58 counties. Read More

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California Legislature reverses itself on altering California Public Records Act

“To be clear, this means that the California Public Records Act will remain intact without any changes as part of the budget – consistent with the Assembly’s original action.”  Read More

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New survey reveals disconnect between Californians and state government

Conducted by the California Business Roundtable and Pepperdine University, parts of the survey discuss disconnects on budget issues and how much bang for their buck taxpayers believe they are getting Read More

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California community college crowd-sources funding for new classes

Since May 1st, the VVCF started raising money for Campaign for Classes. The goal is to raise $250,000.  Read More

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