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Millennials are like any other demographic: easy to stereotype, hard to define

To lump Millennials into a narrowly-defined group would be a mistake because they are as a diverse as any group of people with a shared trait Read More

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VIDEO: California’s Hmong find their voice in politics

How a young woman, the daughter of Hmong refugee parents, became inspired to inform and activate her community. Read More

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Survey Says: Californians concerned by low voter turnout, unsure of solution

Two weeks ago California held a statewide primary election. Didn’t know? Initial vote tallies indicate you’re far from alone. Read More

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June California primary could set record for lowest turnout ever

If California Chrome was running in California's June primary election instead of the Belmont Stakes, our election turnout would improve dramatically on June 3. But he's not. Read More

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Los Angeles moving closer to free citywide Wi-Fi

We sat down with the Councilmember for his take on where things stand now and what needs to happen before citizens of Los Angeles will be able to log-on to the Internet for free. Read More

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Q&A: Dr. Yasmin Davidds on the strengths of Latina businesswomen

Recently in Los Angeles, in conjunction with the California Economic Summit, a group of Latina business and organizational leaders convened, each with their own story to tell. Read More

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College graduate deficit slated to get worse says CED report

The report spells out a far less golden future for the Golden State should results not improve in California’s colleges. But it’s a problem that California has the tools to address. Read More

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California Forward remembers Bill Hauck

Bill Hauck was past retirement age, but not willing to retire, even when starkly reminded of his own mortality. With Bill, it was service first, and last.  Read More

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Legislative support critical to survival of career technical education

Due to a steady decline of investment in career technical education (CTE) brought on by recessionary factors, Californians are finding it more difficult than ever to obtain critical training for job skills that today’s employers demand. Read More

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Can California be optimistic and pessimistic at the same time?

Unaffiliated voters apparently don't vote as much as Democrats and Republicans. So we have less NPPs and less young people heading to the polls, which doesn’t bode well for how representative elected officials actually are of the people they represent. Read More

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New grant bolsters Asian American Pacific Islander community

For the first time, Advancing Justice-L.A. received a grant from the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS), to provide English as a Second Language (ESL) and Civics classes to the AAPI communities of L.A.  Read More

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Futures Conference presents vision for a reformed California

At Fullerton College in Orange County, a community college that is celebrating its first 100 years, the theme was to look to the future in business, education, science, technology and government.  Read More

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Californians grade the state with new report card app

A team from the CITRIS Data and Democracy Initiative at UC Berkeley and staff from Lt. Governor Newsom’s office created the first ever report card as a pilot project. Read More

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San Jose invites citizen input on prioritizing city services

From street repairs, fire and police department staffing and response times, funding for community centers, public library hours, as well as potential bond or tax measures that could increase resources needed for critical services—topics, for residents to rank, are plenty. Read More

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Minding your money (and improving our government) in 2014

One more holiday tradition has come and gone: The pundits have declared the important stories of 2013 and prognosticated on what to watch in 2014. But don’t be dulled by tradition. Read More

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Californians sound off on CAFwd Facebook on what California needs most

On Christmas day on our Facebook page we decided to keep the wonk to a minimum and embrace something more light, which is why we asked our Facebook fans what the best gift California could receive from Santa would be.  Read More

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Fresno County Supervisor gives surprise pay raise back to county

Fresno County Supervisors’ pay checks are tied to Superior Court Judges. So, if a decision is made, in Sacramento, to give those judges a bump in pay, it happens automatically for those on the local county level. Read More

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Fixing DC: California’s innovations can help

With strong citizen engagement, civic leadership and belief in the possibility of change, these reforms can shift partisan politics throughout the nation as well. Good governance matters, citizens deserve and should demand it. Read More

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Citywide Wi-Fi in Los Angeles may be closer than you think

It’s because proposals and ideas like Blumenfield’s free wifi access will be a gateway to expanding open data efforts and availability Read More

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Sen. Emmerson’s abrupt resignation brings familiar California issues to light

Republican State Senator Bill Emmerson of the 23rd district, who just a few hours prior was a panelist at the second annual California Economic Summit, submitted a brief letter of resignation to Senate President Pro-Tem Darrell Steinberg last Friday afternoon. Read More

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