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Water bond deal is done. But will it actually improve California’s water system?

What's in, what's not and maximizing return on water investment Read More

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Summit Capitol Day takes stage today in Sacramento

A full day of action highlights water, housing, infrastructure and workforce issues and their relationship to restoring luster to California's recovering economy Read More

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Reader Poll: Your thoughts on tax incentives as economic drivers?

State and local governments often use tax incentives like those mentioned above to attract or retain existing businesses and create jobs. But is it the best strategy for growth? Read More

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With water bond down to the wire, CA Fwd endorses Water Fix Coalition framework

California needs not just smarter water investments but smarter governance. Read More

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What’s in store on Capitol Day: How to make the promise of SB 375 a reality

With a projected population of 50 million over the next three decades, we can't sprawl our way to prosperity Read More

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California Economic Summit releases how-to guide on proposed new infrastructure financing tools

Ideas and new thinking empowers local leaders to address infrastructure issues within their jurisdiction Read More

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What’s in store on Capitol Day: How to ensure California’s water sustainability

Conversation will surround one of state's most complex issues and its dramatic impact on California's economy Read More

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What’s in store on Capitol Day: How to train workers for new economy

Bridging the skills and poverty gaps just one topic on tap Read More

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Watching two issues vital to California prosperity: manufacturing and water

Effects of drought and manufacturing on the California economy get a status update. Read More

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Reform success shows California governable and no longer broken

The effects of elections and budget reform can't be ignored but there's also more work to be done to improve government and the economy here. Read More

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May Budget Revise: What about the economy?

In the flurry of questions faced by Gov. Jerry Brown as he announced his revised state budget today, one subject was noticeably absent: the economy Read More

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VIDEO: California looks to stem tide of fleeing film production jobs

California is facing stiff competition for its film shoots in the form of incentives and tax credits from a host of other states and counties. New legislation aims to address this, but will it be too little, too late? Read More

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Q&A: Dr. Yasmin Davidds on the strengths of Latina businesswomen

Recently in Los Angeles, in conjunction with the California Economic Summit, a group of Latina business and organizational leaders convened, each with their own story to tell. Read More

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Governor’s proposal on Infrastructure Financing Districts needs bolstering

Read testimony provided to the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee on behalf our sister org the California Economic Summit that details exactly how IFD authority must be expanded in order to safeguard infrastructure financing and economic development Read More

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Why the governor’s budget makes California Economic Summit even more important

The Governor’s proposed budget is one of the few times every year voters can find out exactly the plan is for billions in new surpluses and how to keep the economic recovery churning Read More

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Keeping all of California’s regions healthy key to the Summit

The summit — a collaboration of California Forward and the California Stewardship Network — attracted the geographic, economic and ethnic diversity that defines California.  Read More

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A conversation with Connie Rice on mass incarceration

Rice recently sat down with California Forward to discuss the award as well as her perspective on violence prevention and mass incarceration. Read More

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Citywide Wi-Fi in Los Angeles may be closer than you think

It’s because proposals and ideas like Blumenfield’s free wifi access will be a gateway to expanding open data efforts and availability Read More

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VIDEO: Sen. Steinberg on crucial link between economy and education

Senate President pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg offered his thoughts on how the Summit will help him advance his goals and priorities Read More

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Palo Alto receives honor for putting technology toward good governance

Palo Alto was recently recognized by the Center for Digital Government as the #1 Digital City in America for a city with population of less than 75,000 people Read More

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