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Bill signed by governor creates workforce data “dashboard” to improve education

Effort will look at student progress before and after graduation to track the effectiveness of how the state is preparing workers.  Read More

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VIDEO: Californians seek greater transparency in local school funding

Hundreds of Californians attended the State Board of Education meeting in Sacramento last week to encourage more flexibility and transparency in the process. Read More

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Groups weigh in on school local control ahead of key education board meeting

Board adopts permanent regulations on local control funding formula plans created across the state. Read More

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What the Framework poll results tell us

Over the last few weeks, we asked Californians to weigh in on the latest summary of the Smart Government Framework, an outline course of action to restructure the relationship between state and local governments to produce better results. Read More

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Cuts to higher ed: the master plan turncoats

Some of the same state legislators who benefited from the higher education system now won't act to keep it whole. Read More

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Raising the bar and setting expectations for California higher education

Concern increases daily among soon-to-be high school graduates, their parents, the more than 670,000 current University of California and California State University students, and millions of Californians, as they watch... Read More

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