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VIDEO: California’s Hmong find their voice in politics

How a young woman, the daughter of Hmong refugee parents, became inspired to inform and activate her community. Read More

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California elections officials gather at conference in wake of primary news

Vote by Mail and the cost of elections in California were topics included in the annual meeting. Read More

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Reform success shows California governable and no longer broken

The effects of elections and budget reform can't be ignored but there's also more work to be done to improve government and the economy here. Read More

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Several bills aim to improve transparency and confidence in CA elections

Three of the bills (844, 52, and 1442) are specifically aimed at campaign disclosure, while SB 1253 will require that more information shall be given to voters on initiatives Read More

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California’s top-two primary still making news

The jungle primary has created a number of competitive elections but the low voter turnout needs attention as well.  Read More

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Survey Says: Californians concerned by low voter turnout, unsure of solution

Two weeks ago California held a statewide primary election. Didn’t know? Initial vote tallies indicate you’re far from alone. Read More

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The Primary Club: Thoughts on California’s startlingly low June voter turnout

Pundits, data-miners, reporters…everyone wants to know why statewide turnout on Tuesday was less than the number of registered voters in Los Angeles County alone Read More

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Top Two Primary invites independent voters to the party, too

Independent voters have long been the Plain Jane of the high school that is American politics, but now they're invited to the party...without having a party Read More

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VIDEO: Creating a more diverse California electorate

Lisa García Bedolla has some engaging thoughts on how to diversity the strangely uniform California voting population Read More

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When you vote by mail, make it count

Voting by mail is a popular option among California voters, but the rise in its use has also resulted in a large number of ballots goingthat go uncounted every statewide election Read More

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CA Fwd and others call on Sacramento to modernize California’s disclosure systems

This week a broad coalition consisting of good government groups, newspaper publishers, and lobbyists came together for one goal: fix Cal-Access and put Form 700s online Read More

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June California primary could set record for lowest turnout ever

If California Chrome was running in California's June primary election instead of the Belmont Stakes, our election turnout would improve dramatically on June 3. But he's not. Read More

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Registration for the June 3rd primary closes today

Here's everything you need to know to get registered last minute so you can participate in the upcoming June 3rd California primary. Read More

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VIDEO: CACEO to create new election cost database

Democracy isn’t free. Elections cost money and California holds a lot of them. How much exactly? Well you can’t put an accurate price tag on elections. Well, not yet, anyway. But that’s about change. Read More

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California Secretary of State candidates on modernizing Cal-Access

We asked the seven candidates for California Secretary of State to tell us how and when they would modernize Cal-Access, the state's outdated campaign finance and lobbying database Read More

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Voter’s Edge arms Californians with abundance of information

Casting an informed ballot requires hitting the books before hitting the booth. If you don’t do your homework, voting can feel like taking exam you didn’t study for. Voter's Edge looks to change that. Read More

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California ballot initiatives—keep them but fix them

California Forward, the League of Women of Voters of California and dozens of others civic groups have been meeting over the past year sharing opinions and ideas for changes in the initiative process. Read More

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VIDEO: Taking California’s Online Voter Registration to the next level

The June 3rd primary election is just six weeks away, yet millions of Californians will be unable to cast a ballot because they’re not yet registered to vote. Read More

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VIDEO: Pew says California ranks near the bottom in election performance

While California was given credit for slashing polling place wait times in half, it was dinged for being one of only two states that don’t provide voters with web-based statewide voting and election information lookup tools Read More

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VIDEO: Secretary of State candidates on making California elections more transparent

Want to know what low or no-cost measures the six candidates for California Secretary of State would take, right away, to improve electoral transparency? California Forward asked them.  Read More

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