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Bolstered rainy day fund would benefit California business community

A restructured rainy day fund that captures spikes in capital gains revenue would lend a much needed air of stability to California's investment climate Read More

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What is holding up California ethics reform?

After months of scandal, ethics bills have mixed results despite the need to restore public trust in government. Read More

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Reform success shows California governable and no longer broken

The effects of elections and budget reform can't be ignored but there's also more work to be done to improve government and the economy here. Read More

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The Primary Club: Thoughts on California’s startlingly low June voter turnout

Pundits, data-miners, reporters…everyone wants to know why statewide turnout on Tuesday was less than the number of registered voters in Los Angeles County alone Read More

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California legislative staff should be given whistleblower protection

One key sector of California public servants has been proactively left out of these common sense protections for those who report waste, fraud, abuse, bribery, and other violations of public trust Read More

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CA Fwd and others call on Sacramento to modernize California’s disclosure systems

This week a broad coalition consisting of good government groups, newspaper publishers, and lobbyists came together for one goal: fix Cal-Access and put Form 700s online Read More

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Agreement on Rainy Day Fund bolsters California’s financial future

Although much talk has been about the severe drought facing California in 2014, today Sacramento safeguarded the state from the one rainy day we all do not want to see right now. Read More

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California Secretary of State candidates on modernizing Cal-Access

We asked the seven candidates for California Secretary of State to tell us how and when they would modernize Cal-Access, the state's outdated campaign finance and lobbying database Read More

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Results are in: Surveyed Californians eager for a Path Toward Trust

California Forward will often ask folks what they think on certain issues, but never have we gotten such an overwhelming response, however, than when we sent a simple survey asking people to give us feedback on our Path Toward Trust Read More

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California ballot initiatives—keep them but fix them

California Forward, the League of Women of Voters of California and dozens of others civic groups have been meeting over the past year sharing opinions and ideas for changes in the initiative process. Read More

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CA Fwd comments on today’s ethics legislation

We are committed to working with the Legislature to make sure these reforms can make a real difference.  Read More

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California Forward’s written testimony on the Rainy Day Fund

Much of California’s recent fiscal instability has been aggravated by short-term decisions that led to boom-and-bust budgeting. Read More

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Futures Conference presents vision for a reformed California

At Fullerton College in Orange County, a community college that is celebrating its first 100 years, the theme was to look to the future in business, education, science, technology and government.  Read More

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Fixing DC: California’s innovations can help

With strong citizen engagement, civic leadership and belief in the possibility of change, these reforms can shift partisan politics throughout the nation as well. Good governance matters, citizens deserve and should demand it. Read More

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Initiative process scrutinized in PPIC roundtable

PPIC’s Reforming California’s Initiative Process event, held Thursday afternoon in Sacramento, was an analysis of California’s popular but flawed process of direct democracy Read More

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California Economic Summit inches closer

A little over a month before the California Economic Summit on November 7-8 in Los Angeles, the final updates to the Signature Initiatives identified at the 2012 Summit have been added to the Summit’s Progress Tracker. Read More

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Californians offer their critiques of the most recent Legislative session

While we judge the progress of the Legislature based on how effective they were at creating more middle class jobs and promoting cost-effective public services, we wanted to know what regular Californians like you thought Read More

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Launch of searchable CalPERS pension database blocked by retirees’ concerns

California Forward is advocating a 21st Century approach: Information should be available in workable formats, without having to look beyond an agency website Read More

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President Obama pushes for smarter government to boost effectiveness

Last week President Obama laid out a vision for greater government efficiency directing his Cabinet to build a “smarter, more innovative, and more accountable government for its citizens.” Read More

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Los Angeles homeless agencies collaborate to sidestep red tape and deliver results

Trying to find a flight these days without Expedia just scratches the surface of what it's like to find a home when you're homeless. But that is changing. Read More

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