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Some final words on this important Election Day in California

Before we say get out and vote (!), we have a few other things we’d like to discuss. Think of this as Scrooged, California Edition, because we’re going to talk about the past, the present and the future. Read More

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Pete Weber and Jim Mayer: State political reform is working

The evidence is growing that voters are getting the political reform they wanted when they seized from lawmakers the authority to draw district boundaries, opened primary elections to all voters, and modified term limits to reduce constant campaigning. Read More

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CA State Controller: Always more work to be done in the name of transparency

As California State Controller, my job hinges on having access to the numbers that help me to tell the stories about what direction our State, communities, schools and businesses are heading. Read More

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Online voter info key to getting hyper-connected Millennials to the polls

Remember a time when you couldn't think of any song or any clip from any movie, look it up on YouTube and immediately share it with a friend in a few seconds time? Millennials don’t. Read More

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Latino Millennials are an expanding and influential voter demo

Hispanic Millennials make up about seven percent of California’s voting population and are influential both for their own numbers and how they also provide information to older generations Read More

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Reader Poll: Who won, Neel Kashkari or Gov. Brown?

Did the gubernatorial debate change your opinion of either candidate? Read More

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Q&A: Assemblymember Scott Wilk on redistricting, Capitol culture

Q&A with Assemblymember Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita) is another first term member of the California Legislature who took the time to answer some of our questions Read More

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Q&A: Assemblymember Kevin Mullin on reform, future of CA politics

Assm. Mullin (D-San Mateo) talks about culture in the Capitol as one of the newer members of the State Legislature Read More

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California Legislature sending the wrong message by blocking SCA 17

The California Legislature missed a couple of opportunities this month to help restore the public’s trust in government Read More

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Bolstered rainy day fund would benefit California business community

A restructured rainy day fund that captures spikes in capital gains revenue would lend a much needed air of stability to California's investment climate Read More

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What is holding up California ethics reform?

After months of scandal, ethics bills have mixed results despite the need to restore public trust in government. Read More

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Using technology, data and crowdsourcing to hack infrastructure problems

The evolving potential to use tech in improving how government does business gets brighter. Read More

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Where does California’s reboot of outdated disclosure systems stand?

There's a big opportunity for tech to increase transparency, boost efficiency and help restore public trust. Read More

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Keeping Californians in suspense

One process that the California’s legislators use to approve government bills has a shockingly similar list of attributes to suspense movies: the aptly-named Suspense File. Read More

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CA Fwd and others call on Sacramento to modernize California’s disclosure systems

This week a broad coalition consisting of good government groups, newspaper publishers, and lobbyists came together for one goal: fix Cal-Access and put Form 700s online Read More

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VIDEO: Taking California’s Online Voter Registration to the next level

The June 3rd primary election is just six weeks away, yet millions of Californians will be unable to cast a ballot because they’re not yet registered to vote. Read More

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VIDEO: Leon Panetta’s recipe for good governance is to remember who you work for

In this first video of a series, Panetta drew on his early days in public service when asked about how state legislators should be serving their constituents. Panetta's own political life reflects the importance of bi-partisanship in doing the "people's work,” be it in Sacramento or in Washington D.C.  Read More

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Californians respond to CA Fwd’s Path Toward Trust

We received a litany of responses to our Path Toward Trust plan, and the insights represent a true, thoughtful take on what Californians need to restore faith in their government.  Read More

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How to build a winning water bond

Now that spring is officially here, it is beginning to feel like summer in Sacramento, and it won’t be long before lawmakers will need to vote on what – if anything – will be on the November ballot.  Read More

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Legislative support critical to survival of career technical education

Due to a steady decline of investment in career technical education (CTE) brought on by recessionary factors, Californians are finding it more difficult than ever to obtain critical training for job skills that today’s employers demand. Read More

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