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VIDEO: Taking California’s Online Voter Registration to the next level

The June 3rd primary election is just six weeks away, yet millions of Californians will be unable to cast a ballot because they’re not yet registered to vote. Read More

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VIDEO: Leon Panetta’s recipe for good governance is to remember who you work for

In this first video of a series, Panetta drew on his early days in public service when asked about how state legislators should be serving their constituents. Panetta's own political life reflects the importance of bi-partisanship in doing the "people's work,” be it in Sacramento or in Washington D.C.  Read More

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Californians respond to CA Fwd’s Path Toward Trust

We received a litany of responses to our Path Toward Trust plan, and the insights represent a true, thoughtful take on what Californians need to restore faith in their government.  Read More

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How to build a winning water bond

Now that spring is officially here, it is beginning to feel like summer in Sacramento, and it won’t be long before lawmakers will need to vote on what – if anything – will be on the November ballot.  Read More

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Legislative support critical to survival of career technical education

Due to a steady decline of investment in career technical education (CTE) brought on by recessionary factors, Californians are finding it more difficult than ever to obtain critical training for job skills that today’s employers demand. Read More

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New legislation looks to crack down on fundraising for school board members

nder the legislation, administrators at any state public school district and community college districts will be prohibited from soliciting contributions on behalf of the campaigns and legal defense funds of candidates and incumbent board members that govern those districts. Read More

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Minding your money (and improving our government) in 2014

One more holiday tradition has come and gone: The pundits have declared the important stories of 2013 and prognosticated on what to watch in 2014. But don’t be dulled by tradition. Read More

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Desert Hot Springs declares state of fiscal emergency

If money matters in the city of Desert Hot Springs, of Riverside County, don’t improve, the city will have to file for bankruptcy. Again. Read More

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California’s surplus must be used wisely

Not only does focusing on outcomes create an atmosphere that reinforces the effective use of public funds, but it also helps to regain the trust of voters. Read More

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Sen. Emmerson’s abrupt resignation brings familiar California issues to light

Republican State Senator Bill Emmerson of the 23rd district, who just a few hours prior was a panelist at the second annual California Economic Summit, submitted a brief letter of resignation to Senate President Pro-Tem Darrell Steinberg last Friday afternoon. Read More

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Californians offer their critiques of the most recent Legislative session

While we judge the progress of the Legislature based on how effective they were at creating more middle class jobs and promoting cost-effective public services, we wanted to know what regular Californians like you thought Read More

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California Legislature notches a winning season

From CA Fwd’s perspective – nonpartisan, good governance – 2013 was a winning season, not a championship year, but steady progress. Read More

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Assembly and Senate bills look to chisel away at digital divide

SB740 and AB1299 tackle that digital divide head-on. The two bills each come at the issue from different angles; SB740, sponsored by Senator Padilla, deals with rural broadband infrastructure, while Assemblyman Steven Bradford’s AB1299 is about expanding digital literacy. Read More

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VIDEO: L.A. City Controller’s plans for a more efficient, accessible city hall

California Forward had the opportunity to sit down with the newly elected L.A. City Controller, Ron Galperin Read More

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Online voter registration efforts earn SOS props from Center for Digital Government

At the Center’s Best of California awards, California Secretary of State’s online voter registration portal took home the prize for 2013’s Best Application Serving the Public. Read More

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Riverside gets creative in voter registration and early voting efforts

The Riverside Registrar Baby commercials, played off from the E-Trade baby commercials, have made lasting impressions among voters on how easy it is to vote early Read More

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Could the path to fiscal prudence come through transparency?

Despite deserved good press for getting the bill signed on time, the transparency parade was unable to avoid rain via the governor’s blue pencil. Read More

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California Legislature digressing on transparency and open data

The legislature recently took one step forward and two steps back on the road towards greater transparency in California. Read More

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Gaining access to Cal-Access

The Public Policy Institute of California hosted an event this week in San Francisco focused on the future of California’s elections Read More

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California redistricting a success says new study

“Given the newness and the difficulty of this process, the redistricting process was surprisingly successful.” Read More

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