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Q&A: Assemblymember Scott Wilk on redistricting, Capitol culture

Q&A with Assemblymember Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita) is another first term member of the California Legislature who took the time to answer some of our questions Read More

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Q&A: Assemblymember Kevin Mullin on reform, future of CA politics

Assm. Mullin (D-San Mateo) talks about culture in the Capitol as one of the newer members of the State Legislature Read More

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California redistricting a success says new study

“Given the newness and the difficulty of this process, the redistricting process was surprisingly successful.” Read More

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Flexing their political muscles: Latinos and Asian Americans in California Congressional races

Thanks in part to newly drawn districts and the top two primary system, voters will see some changes on their ballots. One positive change through the eyes of their respective communities is the number of Latino and Asian Americans running for office. Read More

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CA Supreme Court unanimously rejects redistricting challenges

California’s new electoral maps just cleared a major hurdle, thanks to a unanimous ruling today by the California Supreme Court to deny two challenges to the maps, which were created through the citizen-driven redistricting process. Read More

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Poll: Californians aware of Redistricting Commission give it good marks

A new poll on California’s historic redistricting process finds that a good number of people think the process was fair and open. Read More

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Commission finalizes California district maps in historic process

The California Citizens Redistricting Commission has certified its final maps, marking the first time in the state’s history that a group of everyday citizens has drawn the state’s district lines and the process was brought out of the back room into full, open view of the public. Read More

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CA Redistricting Commission officially adopts maps

The California Citizens Redistricting Commission has voted to approve all 177 district maps, capping the state’s first citizen-led redistricting process in history. Read More

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Viewpoints: Redistricting Commission was still the right thing

When I was a kid I played Babe Ruth baseball at Clark Field in Woodland, I once had a situation that reminds me of the Citizen’s Redistricting Commission.  Read More

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New CA district maps released after grueling but transparent process

Today the California Citizens Redistricting Commission made history by releasing its final draft maps for the state’s Assembly, Senate, Board of Equalization and Congressional districts. The new maps come after months of commentary, research, and public hearings all over the state. Read More

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Redistricting Commission struggles to represent diverse populations

As the California Citizens Redistricting Commission works to redraw the state’s political maps, it has grappled with changing demographics and how those changes impact the state’s diverse populations. Read More

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Transparency the rule in redistricting process that puts voters first

California’s historic citizen redistricting process, which began with voter approval of Proposition 11 in 2008, is nearing its conclusion, after months of public interaction, extensive research, comprehensive study, and citizen input. Now, for the first time in the history of our state, we will have maps drawn in an open and transparent manner, with full input of Californians and without the gerrymandering that has led our state to the pinnacle of special interest influence and extreme partisanship. Read More

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Second round of redistricting maps scrapped

California Forward has learned that the second round of draft redistricting maps, originally scheduled to be released this Thursday, will be put on hold, reportedly so the commission can spend more time working with the feedback they have received on the initial maps. Read More

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At Fresno redistricting hearing, some express fears of diluted representation

More than 150 people packed a hearing in Fresno on Thursday to dissect proposed boundaries for California's congressional and state legislative districts. Many speakers expressed concerns about mismatched mergers and diluted representation. Read More

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California Redistricting–The People Win

The California Redistricting Commission released its draft report on Friday showing the newly drawn Congressional and legislative districts. Judging by the howling that is coming from all corners, including many officeholders, it looks like the Citizens Commission has done a great job. Read More

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Commission praised for transparency and encouraged to hear all voices

The first round of California’s new political maps have been unveiled, and many organizations involved in helping ensure the commission made it through legislative and other hurdles are pleased with its painstaking efforts to be transparent and thorough, but concerned that not all communities are having their voices heard. Read More

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1st round district maps the culmination of an unprecedented process

We at California Forward eagerly await today's release of the first round of draft maps from the Citizens Redistricting Commission, which has been working diligently to hear from people all over the state in its efforts to fairly redraw legislative, congressional, and Board of Equalization district lines. Read More

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CA redistricting makes national headlines as lawmakers take positions

The nation is watching closely as California works to wrench the redistricting process away from gerrymandering and toward a map that better represents Californians, and several national media outlets are writing about the process this week, as we await the release of the preliminary maps. Read More

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Citizens Redistricting Commission begins work this week

On Wednesday, a new era of redistricting in California begins with the first meeting of the Citizens Redistricting Commission.... Read More

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A big job for newly elected leaders

Nationally, as was foreshadowed by the special election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts, independents gave the Republicans gains in Congress. Read More

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