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Governor’s proposal on Infrastructure Financing Districts needs bolstering

Read testimony provided to the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee on behalf our sister org the California Economic Summit that details exactly how IFD authority must be expanded in order to safeguard infrastructure financing and economic development Read More

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California Forward’s written testimony on the Rainy Day Fund

Much of California’s recent fiscal instability has been aggravated by short-term decisions that led to boom-and-bust budgeting. Read More

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Gov. Brown’s State of the State address presents a California moving forward

This year's State of the State address shows how CA Fwd's governance and fiscal reforms are not only working, but have permeated the governing mantra of the state's chief executive.  Read More

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Governor’s budget proposal brings fiscal prudence to California

Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed budget is a major step toward replacing governance based on boom-and-bust cycles in favor of a restrained approach where things don’t just fall apart when the next inevitable downturn comes along.  Read More

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Gov.‘s budget proposal puts money toward better public safety outcomes

If the spirit and letter of this budget on the public safety front remain intact after the Legislative gauntlet, we see big gains ahead on all fronts. Read More

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Why the governor’s budget makes California Economic Summit even more important

The Governor’s proposed budget is one of the few times every year voters can find out exactly the plan is for billions in new surpluses and how to keep the economic recovery churning Read More

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California Forward’s comment on Gov. Brown’s budget proposal

The budget would improve fiscal management, bolster the delivery of community services, invest in critical infrastructure and encourage the creation of well-paying jobs.  Read More

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How do we pay for upgrades to our water system?

We have a serious backlog in funding needed infrastructure projects in California—many of which, the state’s water infrastructure, in particular, are paid for with user fees.  Read More

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California Legislature notches a winning season

From CA Fwd’s perspective – nonpartisan, good governance – 2013 was a winning season, not a championship year, but steady progress. Read More

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Could the path to fiscal prudence come through transparency?

Despite deserved good press for getting the bill signed on time, the transparency parade was unable to avoid rain via the governor’s blue pencil. Read More

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Governor’s budget agreement ushers in new era of school spending

The budget deal will significantly simplify and rebalance how the state allocates money among school districts and charter schools serving 6 million students Read More

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UC system accepting more out-of-state students at the expense of CA residents

Famously wracked by budget cuts, the UC system has reached a new low in the number of actual Californians it’s admitting. At the same time, out-of-state applicants have had their acceptance levels swell by 21 percent over last year for the coming fall semester. Read More

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Prosperity plan aims to strengthen Sacramento economy

“There is no cavalry riding to our rescue,” said Jim Williams, member of the Next Economy Capital Region Prosperity Plan leadership team, as he urged Sacramento business leaders to commit themselves to hammering out a better economic future for the Sacramento region. Read More

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Removing the blindfold: Why California needs transparency

A recent dispute between Assembly members John Perez and Anthony Portantino highlights a problem that sits at the foundation of California's broken government: a disturbing lack of transparency and accountability. Read More

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LA mid-year economic forecast shows modest recovery

A mid-year economic forecast from the LA Economic Development Corporation shows a moderate recovery for the region, but other California regional economies are still struggling. Read More

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CA redevelopment agencies sue to block budget plan

Another piece of California’s budgetary house of cards is wavering as redevelopment agencies file suit to prevent states from forcing them to give up a portion of their funds to other local government priorities, including schools. Read More

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Budget projections fall behind already, substantive reform needed

“It didn't take long for California's optimistic budget to fall behind in tax revenues,” said the Sacramento Bee’s Kevin Yamamura. Less than two weeks after the rosy-outlook budget was passed, the projections it was built on have started to come unraveled.  Read More

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Budget making back to the future…..

In an era when more and more Californians are demanding accountability and transparency in government, our budgeting process has slid back into the cloaked era of the past. Read More

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Controller becomes deputy to new sheriff in town

When California Controller John Chiang decided on Tuesday that legislators would not be paid, he based that decision on the fact that the budget they passed last week was not in balance as outlined by voter-approved Proposition 25, even though the budget was passed on-time. Read More

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As budget battle continues, Lawmakers await word on whether they’ll get paid

The big question now surrounding California’s budget is whether or not lawmakers will receive pay after passing a budget by last week’s deadline and then having that budget vetoed by the governor. Read More

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