California Forward is a catalyst for a better CA.
to restore the dream we must:

  1. Create More Middle Class Jobs
  2. Promote Cost Effective Public Services
  3. Create Accountability for Results
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CAFwd calls for action from Legislature

Our Path Toward Trust offers reform ideas necessary to restore confidence in elected officials Read more »

VIDEO: California Rainy Day Fund—an idea whose time has come

Boom and bust can no longer define our budgeting Read more »

CAFwd partners with California School Boards Association

We have teamed up with CSBA to help districts implement the new school funding law LCFF Read more »

Special district tool comes to the Transparency Portal

The feature opens the floodgates on special district financial data Read more »

Video: California’s economic recovery is a tale of two economies

The strength of the recovery depends on the region Read more »

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VIDEO: California Rainy Day Fund—an idea whose time has come

The California Legislature has convened the special session called by Governor Brown to consider a revised Rainy Day Fund. The action signals the beginning of what many believe is a long overdue public discussion. Read more

VIDEO: Leon Panetta says young people are our strength and future

Panetta told current California Forward co-chair Lenny Mendonca in a recent video interview that his own call to service was inspired by his immigrant parents, serving in the military and John Kennedy's call to young people in the early 1960s Read more

Results are in: Surveyed Californians eager for a Path Toward Trust

California Forward will often ask folks what they think on certain issues, but never have we gotten such an overwhelming response, however, than when we sent a simple survey asking people to give us feedback on our Path Toward Trust Read more

California ballot initiatives—keep them but fix them

California Forward, the League of Women of Voters of California and dozens of others civic groups have been meeting over the past year sharing opinions and ideas for changes in the initiative process. Read more

VIDEO: Taking California’s Online Voter Registration to the next level

The June 3rd primary election is just six weeks away, yet millions of Californians will be unable to cast a ballot because they’re not yet registered to vote. Read more

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