California Forward is a catalyst for a better CA.
to restore the dream we must:

  1. Create More Middle Class Jobs
  2. Promote Cost Effective Public Services
  3. Create Accountability for Results
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CAFwd calls for action from Legislature

Our Path Toward Trust offers reform ideas necessary to restore confidence in elected officials Read more »

VIDEO: California Rainy Day Fund—an idea whose time has come

Boom and bust can no longer define our budgeting Read more »

Putting a face on public safety realignment in California

We explore how AB109 is helping put an end to the revolving door of state prison facilities Read more »

From the News Desk

VIDEO: Helping social entrepreneurs create more impact

Summit event in Los Angeles brainstormed ideas for boosting impact economy. Read more

LAO Outlook analysis: Thinking smartly about our fiscal future

California’s recent approval of Proposition 2 is already paying dividends, but long term revenue stability must still be addressed. Read more

VIDEO: Millennials face uphill battle in today’s economy

We asked a gathering of sub-40-year-old representatives from a range of public policy groups to give us a rundown of those problems and where the opportunities are for fixing them. Read more

Inland Empire to host 2015 California Economic Summit

Economic Summit, co-hosted by CA Fwd, will be held in Ontario on November 12-13, 2015. Read more

VIDEO: CSBA collaborative key to making sense of LCFF

The California School Board Association has gathered together 15 school districts and 2 boards of education, along with the help of CA Fwd, to navigate the law that affords each much more control over spending Read more

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