Take the Revenue Challenge

Take the Revenue Challenge

More than a dozen major tax proposals are moving ahead, with interest groups promoting their own ideas for changing the tax system. Now it's your turn to weigh in.

NEW REPORT: Moving tax debate beyond politics

NEW REPORT: Moving tax debate beyond politics

As major tax proposals move ahead, CA Fwd explores the biggest ideas and their policy implications, while outlining ways Californians can weigh the merits of each.

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Progress update on California Economic Summit’s Roadmap

09/03/2015 by Justin Ewers

As CA Fwd and partners collaborate on upcoming 2015 California Economic Summit, the list of wins along the Roadmap to Shared Prosperity grows.  Read More

New search tool gives boost to California campaign finance transparency

09/03/2015 by Ed Coghlan

California Secretary of State launches streamlined way of searching campaign contributions toward state-level candidates and ballot measures.  Read More

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California auditor issues report on “improper activities” revealed by whistleblowers

08/27/2015 by Ed Coghlan

State auditor details investigations into failure to seek competitive bids, failure to increase rental rates, waste of state funds, an improper gift of public funds, and neglect of supervisory duties. Read More

A Time for Bipartisan Deals

08/24/2015 by Jim Mayer

State Senator Steve Glazer, elected over a fellow Democrat via the top-two primary, pointed the way to bipartisan compromise through six new political rules he says will result in a stronger democracy. Read More