California Forward is a catalyst for a better CA.
to restore the dream we must:

  1. Create More Middle Class Jobs
  2. Promote Cost Effective Public Services
  3. Create Accountability for Results
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CAFwd calls for action from Legislature

Our Path Toward Trust offers reform ideas necessary to restore confidence in elected officials Read more »

VIDEO: California Rainy Day Fund—an idea whose time has come

Boom and bust can no longer define our budgeting Read more »

Putting a face on public safety realignment in California

We explore how AB109 is helping put an end to the revolving door of state prison facilities Read more »

From the News Desk

LAO Outlook analysis: Thinking smartly about our fiscal future

California’s recent approval of Proposition 2 is already paying dividends, but long term revenue stability must still be addressed. Read more

VIDEO: Millennials face uphill battle in today’s economy

We asked a gathering of sub-40-year-old representatives from a range of public policy groups to give us a rundown of those problems and where the opportunities are for fixing them. Read more

Inland Empire to host 2015 California Economic Summit

Economic Summit, co-hosted by CA Fwd, will be held in Ontario on November 12-13, 2015. Read more

VIDEO: CSBA collaborative key to making sense of LCFF

The California School Board Association has gathered together 15 school districts and 2 boards of education, along with the help of CA Fwd, to navigate the law that affords each much more control over spending Read more

Another California election, another story about low turnout

California held a statewide election on Tuesday, but more than two-thirds of voters missed the memo. Initial vote tallies reveal a paltry 30 percent of registered voters bothered to cast a ballot. Read more

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