California Forward is a catalyst for a better CA.
to restore the dream we must:

  1. Create More Middle Class Jobs
  2. Promote Cost Effective Public Services
  3. Create Accountability for Results
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CAFwd calls for action from Legislature

Our Path Toward Trust offers reform ideas necessary to restore confidence in elected officials Read more »

VIDEO: California Rainy Day Fund—an idea whose time has come

Boom and bust can no longer define our budgeting Read more »

Putting a face on public safety realignment in California

We explore how AB109 is helping put an end to the revolving door of state prison facilities Read more »

From the News Desk

To overcome Millennial cynicism, empower them with good info

Millennials don't trust those in power and think that their vote doesn't count. Voter's Edge can combat this cynicism by arming them with trusted election information Read more

CA Fwd and CSBA come together to form LCFF Collaborative “living laboratory”

It’s significant when 17 school districts and county offices of education agree to participate in a pilot program designed to figure out best practices for the rest of the state on LCFF and LCAP implementation. Read more

New research shows CA youth more likely to have their vote-by-mail ballots rejected

New research reveals demographic disparities in California’s unsuccessful vote-by-mail ballots, finding youth are more likely to have their vote-by-mail ballots rejected than older voters. Read more

Your final vote by mail cheatsheet!

A record-breaking 69 percent of voters in the June 2014 primary cast their ballots by mail. And more than one million vote-by-mail ballots have already been cast for the November general election. Read more

Sen. Alex Padilla: Showing Millennials that voting does matter

While we can’t legislate more exciting candidates, we can do more to show voters that every vote matters Read more

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