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What is California Forward?

If we only had a few seconds to describe ourselves to someone we were riding an elevator with, this is exactly what we would say READ MORE »

California task force to close skills gap gets to work

CA Fwd's Jim Mayer and others assemble to help state's community colleges connect workforce training with industry skill needs. READ MORE »

CA Fwd co-chair Lenny Mendonca responds to criticism of BITA

When I read Henry Lawrence’s guest perspective on the passage and effect of the Ballot Initiative Transparency Act, or BITA, I was inspired to react because in many instances, I believe he is mistaken READ MORE »

Robust response to California Higher Education Innovation Awards

California has a growing shortage of skilled workers for major regional industry sectors and needs to better prepare people for in-demand and/or high growth jobs in major industry sectors READ MORE »

New study finds dismal 2014 youth voter turnout may continue unabated

When less than 10 percent of eligible young Californians make their voice heard through the ballot box, the future of our state is refusing to have a say in our state’s future. Action needs to be taken. READ MORE »