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What is California Forward?

If we only had a few seconds to describe ourselves to someone we were riding an elevator with, this is exactly what we would say READ MORE »

Data Summit: Appallicious founder on importance of open data

As tech experts gather to kick off the first regional open data event on Wednesday in Long Beach, we hear from last year's attendee Yo Yoshida on why he founded his company and why open data as a movement is important READ MORE »

Reforms need time and leadership, board has power to sustain both

Average tenure of superintendents across the country has dropped slightly to 3.2 years for large urban districts. Is this a trend that we should be concerned about? READ MORE »

California making solid progress toward robust open data culture

While California has some of the most robust disclosure laws in the nation, the state has not always used information technology to convert disclosure into genuine transparency. READ MORE »

A quick word on California ballot initiative reform

BITA has passed, but what are the next steps toward ensuring its success? And what are Californians looking for in this new Legislative session? READ MORE »