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Online voter info key to getting hyper-connected Millennials to the polls

To say that the Millennial generation is “connected” is an understatement. Remember a time when you couldn’t think of any song or any clip from any movie, look it up on YouTube and immediately share it with a friend in a few seconds time? They don’t. This is the first generation to grow up having all the information in the world quite literally at their fingertips. Read more

Latino Millennials are an expanding and influential voter demo

It’s no secret that Latinos represent a growing segment of California’s population and therefore its electorate. Read more

Online game lets Californians quarterback state water policy

Water is a complicated and chronic issue in California. Truthfully, most of us don't understand it very well. Read more

What Tesla’s choosing of Nevada over California really means

Tesla’s decision to build its $5 billion gigafactory in Reno, Nev. is disappointing – but not the loss decried by its harshest critics.It is impossible from the outside to know the details of what was offered, promised, and conditioned. To be certain, California’s leaders were deeply engaged and willing to make a deal if it penciled out for California. Read more

Lawmakers approve legislation giving cities more robust tools for building infrastructure

After years of seeking more authority to make much-needed investments in local infrastructure and economic development projects, California’s local governments were handed a robust new financing tool by the Legislature last week when lawmakers approved Senator Jim Beall’s SB 628, a bill that expands the authority of an existing investment mechanism known as Infrastructure Financing Districts. Read more

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Dan Walters: Pending bill would change initiative system – for the better?

By word and deed, the state’s politically dominant Democrats have demonstrated that they want to substantially alter California’s century-old initiative system that allows voters to legislate directly through the ballot box. Read more

California adds 44,200 jobs in August, unemployment steady at 7.4%

California’s job market continued to expand in August as employers added 44,200 jobs – the largest boost of any state in the country. But the state’s unemployment rate didn’t budge from 7.4%, according to data released Friday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Read more

California GOP endorses water bond, rainy-day fund

California Republicans have given their blessing to a pair of measures on the Nov. 4 ballot heavily favored by Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative Democrats. Read more

A closer look at early jail releases

Almost three years after California’s public safety realignment took effect, county sheriffs have few options for handling jail populations that are approaching historical highs reached in 2007. Read more

Local control funding can transform schools

This is a big year for California schools. Districts are grappling with new standards and assessments linked to the Common Core, as well as a new funding system that returns significant spending authority to districts for the first time in 40 years. Read more

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CA Fwd Calls on Legislators to Take Immediate Action on Implementing Reforms to Restore Public Trust

“Path Toward Trust” Urges Specific Actions to Increase Transparency on Financial Data and Public Decisions Read more

California Forward and California Special Districts Association launch new transparency portal

Today California Forward (CA Fwd) and the California Special Districts Association (CSDA) have launched a first-of-its-kind portal providing data and information on more than 1,100 California special districts. Read more

CA Fwd Issues the State of Transparency in California As Part of National Sunshine Week

The Update Reinforces CA Fwd's Efforts to Encourage Transparency to Strengthen Good Government Practices in California Read more

New CA Fwd Report Shows Pretrial Programs Could be Cost-Effective Alternatives to Crowded Jails

Report Features Best Practices from Pretrial Programs in Five California Counties Read more

The historic first California Economic Summit Concludes—For now

Californians will be able to comment online before a final report is issued Read more

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