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Timm Herdt: A fatal flaw in state tax reform

Periodically, whenever state government revenues are riding high or falling fast, big thinkers in California begin earnestly arguing for major tax reform. Read more

L.A. program gives Latino-owned businesses a leg up with loans

It is said time and time again that small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy, evidenced by the fact that nearly half of the nation’s private sector workforce is employed by small businesses. Read more

Guest perspective: California reform — Right down the middle

When I read Henry Lawrence’s guest perspective on the passage and effect of the Ballot Initiative Transparency Act, or BITA, I was inspired to react. Read more

New study finds dismal youth voter turnout may continue unabated

A report released by the California Civic Engagement Project (CCEP) at UC Davis finds a mere 8.2 percent of eligible California youth, those aged 18-24, bothered to cast a ballot in the 2014 November election. That means more than 90 percent of young voters sat out the election (!). Read more

2015: Open season for California open data

2015 should be the year for open data in California. A new crop of state lawmakers and constitutional officers, combined with activity underway in state and local governments, are pushing California closer to a “tipping point” where the demand and use of data can truly transform the public sector. Read more

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Poll: California Legislature’s approval rating up, Jerry Brown at record high

Gov. Jerry Brown’s job approval rating is at a record high, and Californians are in such good spirits that even the Legislature and President Barack Obama’s ratings are rebounding, according to a new poll. Read more

California runs risk of financial relapse, ratings agency says

When Gov. Jerry Brown released his latest budget proposal earlier this month, he said California's finances were balanced but remain precarious. On Wednesday, a report from Wall Street ratings agency Standard & Poor's echoed the governor's concerns and questioned how sustainable California's recovery will be. Read more

Poll: Californians willing to extend Prop. 30 taxes

Call it the first hint of the debate to come over taxes, perhaps as soon as California’s next statewide ballot: A new poll finds a majority of likely voters are willing to extend the life of Gov. Jerry Brown’s temporary taxes from 2012. Read more

A gerrymandering comeback in California … via Arizona?

Several months of quiet whispers have quickly turned into a resounding buzz — and a nervous buzz, no less — about a case pending before the U.S. Supreme Court that questions whether it’s constitutional for independent state commissions to have the sole power to draw political district maps. Read more

Kern County declares a fiscal emergency amid plunging oil prices

Kern County supervisors declared a state of fiscal emergency at their weekly meeting Tuesday in response to predictions of a massive shortfall in property tax revenues because of tanking oil prices. Read more

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Smart Voter and Voter’s Edge Launch Comprehensive Nonpartisan Online Voter Guide for California Vote

Personalized Ballot Look-Up Feature Allows Voters to Mark Selections and Share Ballot Choices Via Social Media Read more

CA Fwd Calls on Legislators to Take Immediate Action on Implementing Reforms to Restore Public Trust

“Path Toward Trust” Urges Specific Actions to Increase Transparency on Financial Data and Public Decisions Read more

California Forward and California Special Districts Association launch new transparency portal

Today California Forward (CA Fwd) and the California Special Districts Association (CSDA) have launched a first-of-its-kind portal providing data and information on more than 1,100 California special districts. Read more

CA Fwd Issues the State of Transparency in California As Part of National Sunshine Week

The Update Reinforces CA Fwd's Efforts to Encourage Transparency to Strengthen Good Government Practices in California Read more

New CA Fwd Report Shows Pretrial Programs Could be Cost-Effective Alternatives to Crowded Jails

Report Features Best Practices from Pretrial Programs in Five California Counties Read more

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