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Editorial: California’s citizens’ redistricting panels are here to stay

Pushed by California Forward and other political reform movements, the citizens' redistricting and the top-two primary systems should allow more moderates, like Khanna, to make runoffs instead of having the polar-extreme Democrat facing the polar-extreme Republican in every partisan race. Read more

SoCal Latino Leaders Gather to Help Schools and Cities Embrace Technology

Making sure cities and schools aren’t left in the dust of rapidly changing technology was the topic of the Southern California Latino Policy Center June forum in Los Angeles. Read more

CA Fwd: U.S. Supreme Court redistricting ruling a victory for voters

Today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision was a strong affirmation of California’s independent redistricting process and constitutional right of voters to prevent self-interested gerrymandering by state legislatures. Without a doubt, the court granted a victory to the power of voters and their authority to enact important reforms through voter-led initiatives. Read more

Report: Taking open data to next level requires quality data, committed leaders

In a perfect world, all governmental agencies would have an open data portal that is easy to access and analyze. This would allow citizens to find out how their tax dollars are being spent, from finding when the last time the water main on their street was replaced to seeing the latest health inspection results of their favorite restaurant. Read more

VIDEO: California proposal to expand voting options takes cues from Colorado

In California, vote-by-mail has become more and more popular but only 42 percent of registered voters actually cast their ballot in the November 2014 election. To examine Colorado's much-touted early voting options, California Secretary of State Alex Padilla made a fact-finding trek to the state, which bucked a national trend and increased its turnout compared to previous elections. Read more

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Independently Drawn Districts Have Proved to Be More Competitive

Buoyed by a Supreme Court ruling, opponents of gerrymandering want to get more state legislatures out of the business of drawing congressional districts. So it’s worth examining the performance of the independent redistricting commissions validated by the court on Monday. Read more

Gerrymandering Isn’t Evil Why independent redistricting won’t save us from political gridlock.

Few aspects of American elections inspire as much hand-wringing as gerrymandering. Its “distorting effect” has “increasingly polarized our politics,” Elizabeth Drew writes in the New York Review of Books. Read more

Op-ed: L.A., San Francisco Skills Gap Hinders California’s Recovery

If you look at all the economic indicators, virtually all signs but one point to good news for California's continued economic recovery. Read more

Gov. Brown faces rough road in quest to repair state freeways

Everyday, California drivers navigate an obstacle course of potholes and cracked pavement, and a wrong turn of the wheel can send them limping to a mechanic. Read more

Ex-Sen. Leland Yee may be headed for a plea deal

Former state Sen. Leland Yee, who until now has denied charges of political corruption, money laundering and racketeering, is scheduled to change his plea in federal court Wednesday. Read more

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California Innovation in Higher Education Showcase highlights student success to full house

Over 200 education, business and civic leaders from across California gathered in Sacramento today for the California Awards for Innovation in Higher Education Showcase. Read more

Smart Voter and Voter’s Edge Launch Comprehensive Nonpartisan Online Voter Guide for California Vote

Personalized Ballot Look-Up Feature Allows Voters to Mark Selections and Share Ballot Choices Via Social Media Read more

CA Fwd Calls on Legislators to Take Immediate Action on Implementing Reforms to Restore Public Trust

“Path Toward Trust” Urges Specific Actions to Increase Transparency on Financial Data and Public Decisions Read more

California Forward and California Special Districts Association launch new transparency portal

Today California Forward (CA Fwd) and the California Special Districts Association (CSDA) have launched a first-of-its-kind portal providing data and information on more than 1,100 California special districts. Read more

CA Fwd Issues the State of Transparency in California As Part of National Sunshine Week

The Update Reinforces CA Fwd's Efforts to Encourage Transparency to Strengthen Good Government Practices in California Read more

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