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Mayer: Yes on 2: Don’t throw baby out with bath water

In this general election, voters have an opportunity to pass a once-in-a-generation bipartisan ballot measure, Proposition 2, to establish a critically important rainy day fund in the state budget. Read more

Is California taking too much (ballot) initiative?

We'll look at the state's long-standing direct democracy system and how, if at all, it should be reformed. Read more

Sen. Alex Padilla: Showing Millennials that voting does matter

When I turned 18, I didn’t rush out and register to vote. I didn’t think voting mattered, and most of my friends felt the same. I’m not sure I knew how to go about it, even if I wanted to. I was working hard to get through my freshman year at MIT. Read more

Fired school leaders get big payouts

“The more information you can give voters about how taxpayer money is spent, the better,” said Phillip Ung, a spokesman for the public policy group California Forward. Read more

Public database of county by county elections costs in the works for California

The California Association of Clerks and Election Officials (CACEO) is building a public online database of elections costs to better inform policies and procedures and to identify and share best practices with a grant awarded from the James Irvine Foundation. This is a big deal! Here’s why. Read more

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Engagement remains big LCFF hurdle for LEAs

One year into a sweeping shift of education funding and accountability, a new study finds that most districts struggled to comply with requirements to engage parents in spending decisions. Read more

Local California roads continue to crumble

We’ve all experienced it, the cringe-inducing moment when your car thumps into an unavoidable pothole. A report out from the League of California Cities and the California State Association of Counties says the roads could get a lot bumpier in the years to come. Read more

Lack of Affordable housing contributes to California’s high poverty rate

Poverty is more prevalent in California than in any other state, according to recently released US Census Bureau data. Nearly one-quarter of Californians (23.4 percent) lived in poverty each year, on average, between 2011 and 2013, based on the Supplemental Poverty Measure (SPM) — a more accurate indicator of economic well-being than the traditional poverty rate. Read more

White men hold most California offices

Campaign season offers promises of fresh faces and new ideas, but one constant remains: even in a state as diverse as California, white men dominate public office. Read more

Top two changing how some candidates campaign

California’s primary system means the top two vote getters in the primary move on to the general election, regardless of party affiliation. Allan Hoffenblum publishes the California Target Book, which tracks state and federal legislative races. Read more

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Smart Voter and Voter’s Edge Launch Comprehensive Nonpartisan Online Voter Guide for California Vote

Personalized Ballot Look-Up Feature Allows Voters to Mark Selections and Share Ballot Choices Via Social Media Read more

CA Fwd Calls on Legislators to Take Immediate Action on Implementing Reforms to Restore Public Trust

“Path Toward Trust” Urges Specific Actions to Increase Transparency on Financial Data and Public Decisions Read more

California Forward and California Special Districts Association launch new transparency portal

Today California Forward (CA Fwd) and the California Special Districts Association (CSDA) have launched a first-of-its-kind portal providing data and information on more than 1,100 California special districts. Read more

CA Fwd Issues the State of Transparency in California As Part of National Sunshine Week

The Update Reinforces CA Fwd's Efforts to Encourage Transparency to Strengthen Good Government Practices in California Read more

New CA Fwd Report Shows Pretrial Programs Could be Cost-Effective Alternatives to Crowded Jails

Report Features Best Practices from Pretrial Programs in Five California Counties Read more

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