About Us

Californians want a path forward – one right step after another.

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California Forward is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization working to bring government closer to the people and move the state in the right direction - forward. We believe empowered local communities are best equipped to solve their own problems, and there is a critical link between many of the problems that threaten our future and our state government, which has become ineffective, unresponsive, and unable to fix itself.

Local governments in California face several years of tight budgets – with consequences for classrooms and libraries, and services to neglected children, the elderly, and the mentally ill. These public hardships are matched with private ones – and aggravated by a growing concern that the middle-income jobs that disappeared with the recession may not come back with the recovery.

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We need a plan. In three years, honest accounting can restore trust. In five years, a culture of performance can generate better results. In seven years Californians will see better returns – with better jobs, better communities, better futures. This plan must be a commitment by elected officials to make public programs work best where they are needed most.

We are committed to partnering with others across the state to develop our Fiscal Reform, Structural Reform, and Democracy Reform efforts.  We are also engaged in a statewide conversation on reform, Speak Up CA, in which citizens across the state can learn more and help shape our reform proposals.

California Forward is supported or endorsed by an unprecedented diversity of business, labor, faith, and community organizations from all over the state.