LAO Outlook analysis: Thinking smartly about our fiscal future

California’s recent approval of Proposition 2 is already paying dividends, but long term revenue stability must still be addressed. Read More

VIDEO: Millennials face uphill battle in today’s economy

We asked a gathering of sub-40-year-old representatives from a range of public policy groups to give us a rundown of those problems and where the opportunities are for fixing them. Read More

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Inland Empire to host 2015 California Economic Summit

Economic Summit, co-hosted by CA Fwd, will be held in Ontario on November 12-13, 2015. Read More

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VIDEO: CSBA collaborative key to making sense of LCFF

The California School Board Association has gathered together 15 school districts and 2 boards of education, along with the help of CA Fwd, to navigate the law that affords each much more control over spending Read More

Another California election, another story about low turnout

California held a statewide election on Tuesday, but more than two-thirds of voters missed the memo. Initial vote tallies reveal a paltry 30 percent of registered voters bothered to cast a ballot. Read More

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Some final words on this important Election Day in California

Before we say get out and vote (!), we have a few other things we’d like to discuss. Think of this as Scrooged, California Edition, because we’re going to talk about the past, the present and the future. Read More

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A message for young voters on Election Day: your vote counts

Last June the statewide contest for controller was decided by less voters than it takes to fill a large lecture hall (481). Read More

A tale of two elections

When the California Legislature hit the campaign trail, the normally cynical press corps had to concede the session was one of the most productive and bipartisan in a generation. Read More

Prop. 2 aims to secure California’s fiscal future

As a businessman, I've learned that timing matters. As a Californian, vitally interested and concerned about the future of the state, I see an opportunity that we should seize. Read More

VIDEO: To overcome Millennial cynicism, empower them with good info

Millennials don't trust those in power and think that their vote doesn't count. Voter's Edge can combat this cynicism by arming them with trusted election information Read More

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CA Fwd and CSBA come together for LCFF “living laboratory”

It’s significant when 17 school districts and county offices of education agree to participate in a pilot program designed to figure out best practices for the rest of the state on LCFF and LCAP implementation. Read More

Categories: Community Services, School Governance

New research shows CA youth more likely to have their vote-by-mail ballots rejected

New research reveals demographic disparities in California’s unsuccessful vote-by-mail ballots, finding youth are more likely to have their vote-by-mail ballots rejected than older voters. Read More

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Your final vote by mail cheatsheet!

A record-breaking 69 percent of voters in the June 2014 primary cast their ballots by mail. And more than one million vote-by-mail ballots have already been cast for the November general election. Read More

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Sen. Alex Padilla: Showing Millennials that voting does matter

While we can’t legislate more exciting candidates, we can do more to show voters that every vote matters Read More

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New data shows strong support Proposition 1, gains for Proposition 2

It's less than two weeks from the election and neither the drought, the support for the state water bond seem, or interest in beefing up the state's budget reserve seem to be waning much.  Read More

Pete Weber and Jim Mayer: State political reform is working

The evidence is growing that voters are getting the political reform they wanted when they seized from lawmakers the authority to draw district boundaries, opened primary elections to all voters, and modified term limits to reduce constant campaigning. Read More

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Public database of county by county elections costs in the works for California

A slew of election reforms are proposed each year. When reviewing a measure, one of the first things legislators want to know is: What’s the cost? Read More

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Today is final day to register to vote in November election

While online voter registration has boosted the number of 18-24 year olds added to the voter registration rolls, young people remain underrepresented as a proportion of the state’s overall electorate Read More

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California farmers unite to adapt to climate change

Farmer-led group is collaborating to seek out innovations worldwide to tackle the potential impact of climate change on agriculture in California and nationwide. Read More

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Proposition 2 receives overwhelming endorsements from across the political spectrum

Proposition 2 captures revenue spikes, doubles the size of California's rainy day fund and accelerates paying down the state’s “wall of debt” Read More

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