Reader Poll: Would turning elections into a lottery boost voter turnout?

The Los Angeles City Ethics Commission voted on Thursday to recommend the City Council explore the possibility of offering cash prizes to lure voters to the ballot box Read More

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Three ways to ensure California’s prosperity emerge from Summit’s Capitol Day

Water, workforce and sustainable, affordable community housing are the big themes on annual meeting of minds Read More

Summit Capitol Day takes stage today in Sacramento

A full day of action highlights water, housing, infrastructure and workforce issues and their relationship to restoring luster to California's recovering economy Read More

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Millennials avoid polls due to lack of solid voter information

Several Millennials we spoke with claim that they would be much more civically active if there was an easy to understand source of non-partisan information Read More

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Reader Poll: Your thoughts on tax incentives as economic drivers?

State and local governments often use tax incentives like those mentioned above to attract or retain existing businesses and create jobs. But is it the best strategy for growth? Read More

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With water bond down to the wire, CA Fwd endorses Water Fix Coalition framework

California needs not just smarter water investments but smarter governance. Read More

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What’s in store on Capitol Day: How to make the promise of SB 375 a reality

With a projected population of 50 million over the next three decades, we can't sprawl our way to prosperity Read More

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Bolstered rainy day fund would benefit California business community

A restructured rainy day fund that captures spikes in capital gains revenue would lend a much needed air of stability to California's investment climate Read More

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California Economic Summit releases how-to guide on proposed new infrastructure financing tools

Ideas and new thinking empowers local leaders to address infrastructure issues within their jurisdiction Read More

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What’s in store on Capitol Day: How to ensure California’s water sustainability

Conversation will surround one of state's most complex issues and its dramatic impact on California's economy Read More

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California Economic Summit calls for review of CEQA Guidelines

Efforts to update interpretations of this key (and controversial) environmental regulation is nearing completion Read More

Reader Poll: Brother, can you spare a dime for water infrastructure?

Are you willing to pay more for your water bill each month if the revenue generated from the rate increase was dedicated to improving the old worn out water system? Read More

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What’s in store on Capitol Day: How to train workers for new economy

Bridging the skills and poverty gaps just one topic on tap Read More

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City of Riverside making headway with new open data portal

EngageRiverside is the latest effort by a sizeable California city to embrace transparency and engage with its electorate Read More

Reader Poll: Spend or save surplus funds?

During good economic times, state revenues grow. How should California use a state budget surplus? Read More

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VIDEO: California’s Hmong find their voice in politics

How a young woman, the daughter of Hmong refugee parents, became inspired to inform and activate her community. Read More

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What is holding up California ethics reform?

After months of scandal, ethics bills have mixed results despite the need to restore public trust in government. Read More

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California elections officials gather at conference in wake of primary news

Vote by Mail and the cost of elections in California were topics included in the annual meeting. Read More

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Using technology, data and crowdsourcing to hack infrastructure problems

The evolving potential to use tech in improving how government does business gets brighter. Read More

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Watching two issues vital to California prosperity: manufacturing and water

Effects of drought and manufacturing on the California economy get a status update. Read More

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