What is California Forward?

If we only had a few seconds to describe ourselves to someone we were riding an elevator with, this is exactly what we would say Read More

California task force to close skills gap gets to work

CA Fwd's Jim Mayer and others assemble to help state's community colleges connect workforce training with industry skill needs. Read More

Categories: Economy, Creating Jobs

CA Fwd co-chair Lenny Mendonca responds to criticism of BITA

When I read Henry Lawrence’s guest perspective on the passage and effect of the Ballot Initiative Transparency Act, or BITA, I was inspired to react because in many instances, I believe he is mistaken Read More

Categories: Democracy, Initiative Reform

Robust response to California Higher Education Innovation Awards

California has a growing shortage of skilled workers for major regional industry sectors and needs to better prepare people for in-demand and/or high growth jobs in major industry sectors Read More

Categories: Community Services, School Governance

New study finds dismal 2014 youth voter turnout may continue unabated

When less than 10 percent of eligible young Californians make their voice heard through the ballot box, the future of our state is refusing to have a say in our state’s future. Action needs to be taken. Read More

Categories: Democracy, Civic Engagement, Elections

CA Fwd’s letter to the Federal Election Commission

CA Fwd is asking the FEC to embrace and improve electronic disclosure of campaign finance information so that it's more difficult for large political donors to exert more influence on policy decisions than the average citizen Read More

Categories: Democracy, Elections

A Golden Opportunity for education in the Golden State

Today, CA Fwd releases a document prepared in partnership with internationally acclaimed education reform practitioner Michael Fullan that suggests considerations for the recently created California Collaborative for Educational Excellence Read More

Categories: Community Services, School Governance, Local Control Funding Formula, Fiscal Reform

California community colleges get double dose of good news

California’s community colleges are considered a key player California meeting the challenge of aligning its workforce to the jobs available. Recently they received a double dose of good news from Governor Brown and President Obama Read More

Categories: Fiscal Reform, Budget Reform, State Budget, Economy, Creating Jobs

Governor’s budget reflects much of Economic Summit agenda

In his two major public appearances this week, Gov. Brown offered a broad vision for California’s sustainable growth that aligns closely with the goals of the California Economic Summit Read More

Categories: Fiscal Reform, Budget Reform, State Budget, Economy

2015: Open season for California open data

A new crop of state lawmakers and constitutional officers, combined with activity underway in state and local governments, are pushing California closer to a “tipping point” where the demand and use of data can truly transform the public sector Read More

Categories: Tech-enhanced Government

Budget: Proposition 2 already having positive impact

A mere two months after voters approved the Rainy Day Fund Stabilization Act, Governor Brown’s budget proposal reveals Proposition 2 is already having a positive impact on California’s long-term fiscal health.  Read More

Categories: Fiscal Reform, Budget Reform, State Budget

CA Fwd’s comment on Governor Brown’s proposed budget

Statement on behalf of James Mayer, President & CEO of California Forward Read More

Categories: Fiscal Reform, Budget Reform, State Budget

California Attorney General adds commenting to ballot initiative site

Important reforms to how our state’s direct democracy is conducted were signed into law in the fall of 2014 and they are starting to see the light of day in the real world Read More

Categories: Democracy, Elections, Initiative Reform

CA Fwd’s comments regarding Governor Brown’s inauguration

Statement on behalf of James Mayer, President & CEO of California Forward Read More

Governor Brown: Once More with Gusto?

Jerry Brown now has the unique distinction of being the youngest and the oldest man ever elected governor of California. At the start of his historic fourth term, there is still much to be done Read More

Year in Review: 2014 was good, but 2015 can be even better

As he looked back on 2014, CA Fwd CEO Jim Mayer saw progress in each of the organization's priorities Read More

Categories: Community Services, Democracy, Fiscal Reform, Tech-enhanced Government

Year in Review: Community Corrections

Perhaps no other project area under the California Forward has achieved so much in a single year while also taking on so much more to start the next than the Partnership for Community Excellence Read More

Categories: Community Services, Community Corrections, Realignment

Year in Review: LCFF and CA Fwd’s partnership with CSBA

CSBA and CA Fwd are convening a statewide LCFF collaborative working group of 17 school districts and county offices of education to determine best practices to fit any size county or office of education Read More

Categories: Community Services, School Governance, Local Control Funding Formula

Cities weigh economic impact and barriers of open data movement

When open data advocates talk about the potential economic impact of the movement, it's clear there are big benefits and barriers for cities in California--except for the barrier of not knowing about the open data movement. Read More

Categories: Tech-enhanced Government, Accountability, Transparency

Year in Review: Democracy and Elections

Despite record low turnout, Bruister explains progress that’s been made this year in regard to California’s elections and improving voter information, Read More

Categories: Democracy, Elections, Initiative Reform

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