Leon Panetta’s recipe for good governing: remember who you work for

In this first video of a series, Panetta drew on his early days in public service when asked about how state legislators should be serving their constituents. Panetta's own political life reflects the importance of bi-partisanship in doing the "people's work,” be it in Sacramento or in Washington D.C.  Read More

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Los Angeles moving closer to free citywide Wi-Fi

We sat down with the Councilmember for his take on where things stand now and what needs to happen before citizens of Los Angeles will be able to log-on to the Internet for free. Read More

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AB 109 sheds light on need for sentencing reform in California

Perhaps the most politically sensitive discussion now boiling just beneath the very controlled surface of public debate is sentencing reform. Read More

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VIDEO: Pew says California ranks near the bottom in election performance

While California was given credit for slashing polling place wait times in half, it was dinged for being one of only two states that don’t provide voters with web-based statewide voting and election information lookup tools Read More

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Californians respond to CA Fwd’s Path Toward Trust

We received a litany of responses to our Path Toward Trust plan, and the insights represent a true, thoughtful take on what Californians need to restore faith in their government.  Read More

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CA Fwd to Legislators: Act now to restore public trust in government

When State Senators get arrested, indicted and convicted, as a trio has in California this calendar year, it shakes the public's confidence in our government. CA Fwd has a plan to restore that trust. Read More

VIDEO: California looks to stem tide of fleeing film production jobs

California is facing stiff competition for its film shoots in the form of incentives and tax credits from a host of other states and counties. New legislation aims to address this, but will it be too little, too late? Read More

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Q&A: Dr. Yasmin Davidds on the strengths of Latina businesswomen

Recently in Los Angeles, in conjunction with the California Economic Summit, a group of Latina business and organizational leaders convened, each with their own story to tell. Read More

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College graduate deficit slated to get worse says CED report

The report spells out a far less golden future for the Golden State should results not improve in California’s colleges. But it’s a problem that California has the tools to address. Read More

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Inaugural Summit on Data stresses importance of open data for California

California Forward convened an impressive list of those who care about data most in the Golden State to share thoughts and ideas on the many facets of open data and why it’s more important now than ever. This was the inaugural Summit on Data. Read More

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LCFF & Common Core: How Los Angeles Unified is managing both

In this interview, CA Fwd spoke to the Los Angeles Unified School District finance department for its perspective on the ongoing changes.  Read More

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California Forward’s statement on the arrest of Senator Leland Yee

Earlier today, California State Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) was arrested on charges of political corruption and bribery tied to a larger sting underway by the FBI. This marks the third (of just 40) sitting California State Senators to face legal troubles in the past year. Read More

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How to build a winning water bond

Now that spring is officially here, it is beginning to feel like summer in Sacramento, and it won’t be long before lawmakers will need to vote on what – if anything – will be on the November ballot.  Read More

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Governor’s proposal on Infrastructure Financing Districts needs bolstering

Read testimony provided to the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee on behalf our sister org the California Economic Summit that details exactly how IFD authority must be expanded in order to safeguard infrastructure financing and economic development Read More

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VIDEO: Opening up California’s data with MapLight’s Jay Costa

CA Fwd talked to California's homegrown technological transparency sleuths to ask about the state of transparency in the Golden State. Read More

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VIDEO: Secretary of State candidates on making California elections more transparent

Want to know what low or no-cost measures the six candidates for California Secretary of State would take, right away, to improve electoral transparency? California Forward asked them.  Read More

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REPORT: Rebooting Campaign Finance Disclosure in California

Simply put, Californians want to know who is paying for campaigns and influencing our elected officials. That’s why on this first work day of Sunshine Week, CA Fwd has released a report on the topic called “Rebooting Campaign Finance Disclosure”. Read More

Public comment period on new LCFF fiscal regulations still open, but not for long

On March 17, the public comment period on new fiscal regulations for the Local Control Funding formula closes. If you wish to make your voice heard, even if you're not a parent, the time is now. Read More

California Legislators regulating themselves with new transparency bills

Last week a series of bills meant to foster greater public trust in government by, among other things, banning gifts from lobbyists, were announced in the California Legislature. Read More

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California Forward remembers Bill Hauck

Bill Hauck was past retirement age, but not willing to retire, even when starkly reminded of his own mortality. With Bill, it was service first, and last.  Read More

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