City of Riverside making headway with new open data portal

EngageRiverside is the latest effort by a sizeable California city to embrace transparency and engage with its electorate Read More

Reader Poll: Spend or save surplus funds?

During good economic times, state revenues grow. How should California use a state budget surplus? Read More

Categories: Budget Reform, Reader Poll, State Budget

VIDEO: California’s Hmong find their voice in politics

How a young woman, the daughter of Hmong refugee parents, became inspired to inform and activate her community. Read More

Categories: Californians, Civic Engagement, Elections, Forward Thinkers, Civic Engagement, Elections, Forward Thinkers

What is holding up California ethics reform?

After months of scandal, ethics bills have mixed results despite the need to restore public trust in government. Read More

Categories: Accountability, CA Common Sense, Governance Reform, Government, Transparency, Accountability, Governance Reform, Transparency

California elections officials gather at conference in wake of primary news

Vote by Mail and the cost of elections in California were topics included in the annual meeting. Read More

Categories: Elections, Elections

Using technology, data and crowdsourcing to hack infrastructure problems

The evolving potential to use tech in improving how government does business gets brighter. Read More

Categories: Government, Transparency, Transparency

Watching two issues vital to California prosperity: manufacturing and water

Effects of drought and manufacturing on the California economy get a status update. Read More

Categories: Economy

VIDEO: Californians seek greater transparency in local school funding

Hundreds of Californians attended the State Board of Education meeting in Sacramento last week to encourage more flexibility and transparency in the process. Read More

Categories: Education, Restructuring, Transparency, Education, Restructuring, Transparency

Open Data forums chart path for tech-driven transparency in California

Opportunities for government touted at second open data event in Silicon Valley hosted by CA Fwd Read More

Categories: Transparency, Transparency

Uphold LCFF’s democratic process

Opinion: School funding shift set to empower citizens but greater transparency needed to inform local decision-making. Read More

Groups weigh in on school local control ahead of key education board meeting

Board adopts permanent regulations on local control funding formula plans created across the state. Read More

Categories: Education, Restructuring, Education, Restructuring

Study: Smart, targeted strategies key to cutting recidivism

Looking at the latest numbers from PPIC study on California arrests and convictions Read More

Categories: Crime, Restructuring, Crime, Partnership for Community Excellence, Restructuring

Reevaluating role of California jail systems as health care providers

California corrections community are reviewing the benefits of enrolling high-need, hard-to-reach populations. Read More

Reform success shows California governable and no longer broken

The effects of elections and budget reform can't be ignored but there's also more work to be done to improve government and the economy here. Read More

Categories: Budget Reform, Economy, Elections, Governance Reform, State Budget, Tom McKernan, Budget Reform, Elections, Governance Reform, State Budget, Tom McKernan

Open data takes center stage at Inland Empire forum

California Forward convened the first of its Civic Data Forums this week in San Bernardino, convening staff and elected officials from cities, school districts and counties throughout the Inland Empire to discuss open data, transparency and technology solutions for improving governance in their communities. Read More

Several bills aim to improve transparency and confidence in CA elections

Three of the bills (844, 52, and 1442) are specifically aimed at campaign disclosure, while SB 1253 will require that more information shall be given to voters on initiatives Read More

Categories: Accountability, Elections, Transparency

California’s top-two primary still making news

The jungle primary has created a number of competitive elections but the low voter turnout needs attention as well.  Read More

Categories: Elections, Elections

Where does California’s reboot of outdated disclosure systems stand?

There's a big opportunity for tech to increase transparency, boost efficiency and help restore public trust. Read More

Categories: Accountability, Government, Transparency, Accountability, Transparency

Survey Says: Californians concerned by low voter turnout, unsure of solution

Two weeks ago California held a statewide primary election. Didn’t know? Initial vote tallies indicate you’re far from alone. Read More

Categories: Californians, Elections

Legislature passes budget on time but trailer bills keep things opaque

While the state’s fiscal situation is improving and all parties involved deserve accolades for getting a sound budget passed on time, there is still some lingering procedural darkness. Read More

Categories: State Budget, Transparency

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