Today is final day to register to vote in November election

While online voter registration has boosted the number of 18-24 year olds added to the voter registration rolls, young people remain underrepresented as a proportion of the state’s overall electorate Read More

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California farmers unite to adapt to climate change

Farmer-led group is collaborating to seek out innovations worldwide to tackle the potential impact of climate change on agriculture in California and nationwide. Read More

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Proposition 2 receives overwhelming endorsements from across the political spectrum

Proposition 2 captures revenue spikes, doubles the size of California's rainy day fund and accelerates paying down the state’s “wall of debt” Read More

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VIDEO: Long Beach city councilman asks residents how they would spend $250,000

Less than three months into his first term, Long Beach City Councilmember Rex Richardson is already proving he’s not afraid to shake up City Hall. Read More

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Pete Peterson on Millennial civic engagement: Know the challenges

If there’s one thing I've learned, it’s that what works to increase engagement for one group or community might not be what works for another. This is particularly true for Millennials, who face different civic engagement challenges than other generations. Read More

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Newly launched Voter’s Edge is one-stop info resource for voters

Berkeley-based MapLight has partnered with the League of Women Voters of California Education Fund to create the most robust single website for information concerning California elections Read More

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What you can do for California

This volatility is predictable, but the consequences are avoidable: Proposition 2 on the November ballot is the best solution developed after a generation of debate. Read More

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Bill signed by governor creates workforce data “dashboard” to improve education

Effort will look at student progress before and after graduation to track the effectiveness of how the state is preparing workers.  Read More

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More online tools emerging to educate and inform voting-age Millennials

California has a great opportunity in its 299 colleges with their enormous student population to lead yet again in registering and engaging the Millennials who make up 34 percent of the adult population Read More

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Two bills addressing election efficiency and transparency signed into law

Governor Brown has signed two bills that that are important steps toward continuing the restoration of public trust in government by increasing transparency and overall confidence in the electoral process Read More

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Ballot Initiative Transparency Act signed into law by Governor Brown

This weekend California's ballot initiative process became a little better for all of us. I was honored to be with Governor Brown when he signed SB 1253, the Ballot Initiative Transparency Act. Read More

New report shows women are underrepresented in local California government

Despite comprising nearly half of the population and workforce, women occupy less than a third of local government seats in the Golden State Read More

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Release: California Forward Action Fund launches “Yes on Proposition 2” campaign

Voters urged to protect critical services Read More

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New survey highlights role colleges can play in informing and registering young voters

Did your university ever send you a reminder to register to vote? Well according to a survey of more than 1,000 California students conducted by the CALPRIG Education Fund, they should have Read More

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CA State Controller: Always more work to be done in the name of transparency

As California State Controller, my job hinges on having access to the numbers that help me to tell the stories about what direction our State, communities, schools and businesses are heading. Read More

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VIDEO: Rethinking offender care in Santa Barbara County

Now almost three years into AB 109, counties like Santa Barbara are allocating resources toward programming that stops recidivism in its tracks Read More

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Reader Poll: Millennials optimistic about future but down on present economy

The biggest, most diverse generation has witnessed the boom and bust of recent years. Not surprisingly, they're worried about their economic future. An economic summit in Los Angeles this week looked to start a conversation on making a difference in that outlook. Read More

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Don’t call “government innovation” in California an oxymoron

On Tuesday in the Capitol, the Committee on the Awards for Innovations in Higher Education outlined its plans for allocating $50 million to community colleges and universities Read More

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Online voter info key to getting hyper-connected Millennials to the polls

Remember a time when you couldn't think of any song or any clip from any movie, look it up on YouTube and immediately share it with a friend in a few seconds time? Millennials don’t. Read More

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STEAM-powered carnival seeks to create tomorrow’s engineers

A new kind of show is coming to town. But instead of being wowed by lion tamers and cycling clowns, a group of mad scientists entertain the future of technology. Read More

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