How to be a catalyst for change in California this GivingTuesday

The GivingTuesday campaign and California Forward both began in order to bring change to communities Read More

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CA Fwd gives back on Giving Tuesday

Find out how you can give back and show your support for a better California. Read More

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Putting More “Community” into Community Colleges

Smart and steady reform effort needs to be sustained – and replicated to help government adapt to a rapidly changing California. Read More

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Summit generated ideas to better manage California’s long-term water issues

Attendees put their heads together to create real actions to conserve, capture and reuse 1 million acre-feet of water every year. Read More

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Summit sharpened strategies to take on California’s affordable housing crisis

Action plan to address challenge to build 1 million more affordable homes emerged from Day 2 of the 2015 California Economic Summit in Ontario. Read More

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Economic Summit creates action plan to train one million more skilled workers

Attendees brainstormed strategies to close the skills gap and improve California's workforce which could have a shortage of 1 million credentialed workers over the next decade. Read More

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California Economic Summit sets bold goals for year ahead

Presented by CA Fwd, the fourth statewide gathering focused on regional, sustainable growth addressed three major challenges: Water, Workforce and Housing.  Read More

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Getting California back to water sustainability and how CA Fwd’s Summit can help

California needs to conserve, capture, and re-use an additional one million acre-feet of water every year over the next decade. Read More

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What it will take to make California homes more affordable

CA Fwd and California Economic Summit will fine-tune a plan to start closing state's housing affordability gap. Read More

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Recipe for strong a California economy includes one million more skilled workers

Challenge to find enough skilled workers to fill high-pay jobs represents one of the three big challenges to be featured at California Economic Summit.  Read More

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California Economic Summit introduces the One Million Challenges: Workforce, Housing & Water

CA Fwd will co-present the Summit in Ontario next week where participants will tackle three of California's most pressing challenges. Read More

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Unheard Voices: Why aren’t more Californians voting?

There are many theories on California's low voter turnout but no single magic fix. Luckily there are groups tackling the multiple causes to the increasing problem. Read More

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Legislative wrap-up: Bills signed by Governor Brown boost transparency and accountability

New California laws include victories in open data, election reform and campaign finance Read More

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Legislative wrap-up: California housing solution is under construction

Taking stock of the Legislative session for results and wins for California Forward that spur community investment in housing and infrastructure. Read More

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Tracey Grose: Taxation and Economic Competitiveness: Incentivizing Virtuous Cycles

Ensuring the public sector is reliably funded even as the economy transforms structurally, will help ensure that California remains on the front edge of opportunity. Read More

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CA Fwd’s statement on proposed ballot measure “California Legislature Transparency Act”

 Read More

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California makes it easier to register to vote—but will more people cast a ballot?

Governor signs bill to automatically register eligible Californians who visit the DMV but more election reform work is needed to ensure there's a turnout turnaround.  Read More

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L.A. County reboot of voting machine tech makes progress

For anyone who has used a smartphone, voting should be a cinch with new voting system, set to be in place for 2020 election.  Read More

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Help Wanted: More California women needed to run for public office

Report: While city councils have increased representation by women, the number of women in the California Legislature is down.  Read More

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VIDEO: California’s middle ground region hosts bipartisan conversation

Event in Clovis in the Central Valley will feature Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin and others talking about public budgets, schools, jobs and how to engage residents.  Read More

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